Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Upcoming Story : Riddhima faces danger


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The episode starts with Vansh aiding Riddhima. He says he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself, if something had happened to her. Riddhima says nothing can happen to her when he’s with her. She adds that even their child has complete trust on his dad that he will not let anything happen to his mom. Vansh says that he can’t give her his surprise. Riddhima says his presence is enough for her. She then shows him pregnancy guide and says she wishes to read it with him. She requests him to accept her wish considering it as her Valentine’s gift. Vansh agrees. He remembers his bad childhood. He shouts no he can’t do this. Riddhima asks him what happened. Vansh apologizes to her walking away. Riddhima thinks what’s hurting Vansh. She promises to herself to make Vansh world’s best dad. The red gloves man breaks the mirror in which Riddhima’s name is written in red color.

The next morning, Riddhima finds a letter near God’s idol. She reads that her child isn’t safe in VR mansion and soon she will get to know this truth. Riddhima asks what it means. She sees the red hoodie man. She runs after him. She almost get hod of him, but he runs away. She asks the gaurds to catch him, but he manages to escape. She wonders who he could be. She thinks of finding who he’s.

Vansh says to Sia that he can never be a good father. Sia says he has to accept the truth and he can’t run away from his responsibilities. She requests him to try once. Vansh says that since few days there has been attacks on Riddhima, she got even kidnapped. He can’t tolerate if anyone harms his family. He can’t take this risk. He asks her not to try to change his mind because it will never happen. Riddhima overhears them. She thinks Vansh is already worried and decides not to worry him more by showing this letter. Riddhima remembers the recent happenings. She thinks that someone tried to eliminate her in the past few days, and wonders who wants to kill her and her child. She wonders whether he’s the same person with red hoodie. She says she has to be more alert and find who wants to harm her.

The red gloves man is shown putting a wire in the staircase middle. Riddhima stumbles. Vansh holds her. Family comes there hearing Riddhima’s scream. Dadi asks Riddhima if she’s fine. Riddhima says she was about to fall but Vansh saved her. Chanchal scolds Riddhima saying she’s not taking care of herself. This family already lost one child, they can’t bear one more loss. Vansh calms her down. He asks Riddhima to take care of herself. He goes to attend a call. Ishani says she was very careful during her pregnancy but still. She asks Riddhima to take care of her. She asks how she stumbled in the staircase. Riddhima says she felt something like wire in her foot. Ishani asks Riddhima not to lie to hide her mistake. Riddhima says she’s not lying. Aryan says if there was a wire, it would be visible. Dadi asks her to be careful. Everyone leaves. Riddhima thinks that she will not let anything happen to her child.

Riddhima goes to her room. She finds the toy baby without head. She sees the red hoodie man running from there. She sees a letter and reads it: the danger that she sensed today will increase in the upcoming days so she should to be more careful, anything can happen anytime. Riddhima says that red hoodie man wants to alert her about the danger. She wonders who wants to kill her and her child. She promises to her child that she will find out who wants to harm them after tomorrow’s Vasant panchami puja.

Dadi gives Vansh and Riddhima’s gundalis to the priest and asks to fix the time for Vasant Panchami puja. The pandit says danger and asks Vansh not to go out until Vasant panchami puja gets over. Vansh says he doesn’t believe in all this and says he has some important work. Riddhima shouts Vansh. She asks him to leave his stubbornness. Dadi asks him to stay at home for her sake. He agrees. Pandit correctly says about Ishani’s baby loss, then about Riddhima’s pregnancy. He says Riddhima, Vansh and their child’s life are in danger. He asks her to be more careful till the Vasant panchami’s night. He gives a thread to Dadi and asks to tie it on Vansh’s hand. Aryan says he doesn’t believe on all this. Dadi takes Vansh with her. Riddhima is worried remembering pandit’s words. She finds a red gloves in the staircase. She thinks red hoodie man and red gloves man are different. Red hoodie man wants to warn her and safe her while red gloves man wants to kill her.

The episode ends.