Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Upcoming Story : Riddhima faces danger


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The episode starts with Riddima waiting for Vansh at the hospital. She sees a husband taking care of his pregnant wife. She imagines Vansh taking care of her. He ties her shoes laces and kisses her tummy. The title track palys in the background. A nurse brings her out of her imagination. Riddhima thinks the moment when Vansh and she will see their child for the first will be a beautiful moment. The nurse asks Riddhima about her husband. Riddhima says he must be on his way. Someone is shown injecting poison to the scan care gel. Riddhima sees the moving curtain and wonders if there’s someone behind. Then she convinces herself that she’s overthinking.

Kabir comes there. Riddhima asks what he’s doing here. He says this is her first sonography so he has come. Riddhima says no need, Vansh is on the way. Kabir says he won’t come. He will not fulfill her wish. Riddhima asks him not to interfere in their personal matter. Even if Vansh doesn’t come she can handle alone. She asks him to leave. Doctor comes there. She misunderstands Kabir as Riddhima’s husband. Riddhima says he’s her husband’s brother and asks him to leave. Kabir asks the doctor to take care of Riddhima before leaving.

Doctor is about to apply the gel, but nurse stops her saying that the gel is expired. She gives a new gel. Vansh is seen playing piano. He recalls Riddhima announcing her pregnancy, then the woman’s curse. He drinks alcohol. Kabir snatches the glass from his hand. He says he should be celebrated that he’s going to be a father. Vansh warns him to leave him alone else he will celebrate his death. Kabir asks why he’s very sad. He thinks that he doesn’t want to become dad. He says his a way to decrease his pain. He suggests looking after his child. He will take all the responsibility of his child and will give him a father’s love. He even started practicing it. He has gone to hospital to support Riddhima emotionally. Vansh gets furious and hits Kabir. He warns him to be in his limits. Kabir says he was joking, he was just checking if he cares about his child. He got to know that he cares for his child. Vansh holds Kabir neck from behind. He warns him to stay away from Riddhima and not even dare to think about her.

Riddhima comes back home. She asks Dadi for Vansh. Dadi says he’s at home. She finds Riddhima tired so goes to brink badham milk for her. Riddhima checks her sonography report. She thinks Vansh has missed a big moment and wished he could have been there with her. Dadi brings Badham milk. A FB of someone mixing poison in that badam milk is shown. Dadi asks Riddhima to drink the milk and leaves.

Someone keeps an eye on Riddhima. The latter places the badam milk on the table seeing Vansh. She asks why he hasn’t come for sonography test. He says he’s tired. Riddhima makes him sit and asks him to drink the badam milk as he looks tired. Vansh drinks it. He starts coughing. Riddhima gets concern for him. She goes to bring water for him. The person who is spying on Riddhima drops the poison bottle. Riddhima takes that bottle. She gets shocked reading rat poison. Kabir comes there. He asks her what happened. She says Vansh started feeling uneasy after drinking the milk and cries saying she doesn’t know what to do now. Kabir asks her to relax and suggests giving salt water so that he will vomit the milk.

Riddhima gives Vansh salt water and takes him to their room. Later Riddhima suggests calling doctor. Vansh assures her that he’s fine. Riddhima hugs him. Vansh coughs. She makes him sit. She says she was scared. Vansh assures her again that he’s fine. Vansh says he felt like someone suffocating him after drinking the milk. Riddhima remembers of finding an empty rat poison bottle at the kitchen. She thinks it can’t be a coincidence. She suspects that the milk was poisoned, and wonders who could do like this. Vansh asks what she’s thinking about. Riddhima shares about her doubt with Vansh. She says she found an empty bottle of rat poison at the kitchen. Vansh says it’s normal to find a rat poison in the kitchen. Riddhima isn’t convinced. Vansh says there might be saffron in the milk, he’s allergy with kessar. Riddhima thanks him. He asks why. She says that milk was for her. He has saved their child without his knowledge. Vansh says he has saved her life. Riddhima stops Vansh from going and shows the scan report. He says he can only see a dot. Riddhima says that’s their baby. Vansh looks on.

The episode ends.