Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Upcoming Story : Ridhima requests Vansh to give her a second chance


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The episode starts with Kabir coming and claiming that for Ridhima his life is more important than her love for Vansh. The latter orders him to shut up. Ridhima thinks that Kabir is triggering Vansh’s anger against her and that is why he is behaving like this. She tells Kabir that she would have not been able to kill anyone on his place. Kabir shouts that it’s a lie and says that she lost to her heart and Vansh lost whole the game. He taunts Vansh saying that he has born to get defeated by him. He says that he was Ridhima’s first love and it cannot be forgotten.

Vansh gets angry and goes to grab Kabir’s collar. He says that he doesn’t want to say that but he has proved to be his mother’s blood only. He decides to throw Kabir out of the house. Kabir says that he cannot do that since he still has right to stay in the house. Vansh asks him to read the nameplate outside the house: this is VR Mansion. Vansh Raisinghania’s home and he decides who stays there and who not. He throws Kabir out of the doorstep. Kabir says that this is not the end of the story. He swears to come back for revenge. Vansh shuts the door.

Ridhima tries to talk with Vansh but he orders her to leave him alone. He walks away. Ridhima says that Kabir filled venom for her in Vansh but she promises to bring back love.

Ahana calls Kabir and says that she will leave the house with him but Kabir asks her not to do that since it’s more useful if she stays inside VR Mansion. He says that the story has not ended yet and he will come back. Ahana smirks.

At night, Vansh angrily cuts woods. Ridhima comes and recalls him blaming her for betraying him. She asks him to sit and have food. Vansh sits down and Ridhima sits on his lap. She says that she won’t get up until he doesn’t eat something. She tells him that she didn’t ask sorry because it’s too small in front of her sins. She insists for him to eat. Vansh says that her concern is that he should eat. He grabs the plate from her and puts it aside. Both of them get up and Vansh walks to the kitchen where he starts eating green chilli. Ridhima tries to stop him asking him whether he has gone mad. Vansh asks her not to worry since there is not as much pain in this chilli as the pain she gave him. Ridhima says that he has done nothing so he shouldn’t punish himself and she is the one who committed a sin therefore she should be punished. She eats chilli and suffers. Vansh throws all chillis away and walks away. Ridhima cries.

Ridhima sits in front of Bappa and prays for help. Dadi comes. She wipes her tears. Dadi asks her not to hide her tears from her. She doesn’t want to know the reason of her crying but suggests Ridhima to take Vansh to the Kuldevi mandir where he gets very calm. He says that her blessings are always with her. Ridhima hugs her thanking her and says that she will fix everything.

Vansh keeps drinking water in his room. Ridhima brings sugar for him and asks him to have it since it will give it relief. Vansh sits on the bed avoiding to look at her. Ridhima says that Dadi always says to give second chance to every reason, especially when it’s so important. She tries to feed him with sugar but he keeps jerking her hand away. She asks him to give her a last chance. She adds that there isn’t even Kabir in the house now to ruin their happiness. She requests him to give her a second chance if he ever felt her love was true even after learning about her betrayal. Vansh finally eats the sugar. Ridhima smiles. Title track plays. Ridhima is about to give Vansh another tablespoon of sugar but this time Vansh makes Ridhima have it. They look at each other. Ridhima applies ice on his lips. He does the same. They keep getting closer.

Suddenly Vansh returns into reality and gets up. He is about to walk away but Ridhima grabs her wrist. Ridhima requests him to take her to Kuldevi mandir since she wants to ask forgiveness. Vansh says that going there means a new beginning and a new beginning can be good but it can also be scarier than past. Ridhima is ready to take up any risk.

The next morning, Vansh and Ridhima are all set to leave for the Kuldevi mandir. Dadi gives them blessings. Ridhima hopes the distances between her and Vansh reduce. Dadi asks them to spend some time together. Vansh says that there will be a new beginning when they will return.

Episode ends

Precap:  Ridhima’s ankle gets twisted while walking on the stairs to the Kuldevi temple so Vansh lifts her up in his arms. Once in the temple, the pandit asks Vansh to fill the maang of her wife with sindoor. Ridhima looks at Vansh smilingly.