Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Upcoming Story : Vansh comes for Riddhima’s rescue


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The episode starts with Kabir taking Riddhima to a decorated place. Riddhima says it smells good. She is excited to see the place and requestes him to remove her blindfold. Riddhima imagines Vansh sitting in front of her. Title track plays in the background. He makes her stand and kisses her hand. He gets on his knee and gives a rose to Riddhima. The latter hugs him thanking him. She says his surprises make her feel very special. Vansh plants a kiss on her forehead.

Riddhima gets excited seeing the pasta. She asks if he had made. He nods yes. He feeds her the pasta. Riddhima says she’s his wife and knows him better. Riddhima comes out of her imagination. Kabir says he can’t believe that Riddhima is sitting in front of him. Riddhima keeps requesting him to remove the blindfold from her eyes, as she wants to see everything. Kabir thinks that he’s getting the same feeling that he got when he saw her for the first time. She further says he will bring those old moments back. Riddhima thinks she’s lucky to get Vansh as husband. She says i love you Vansh.

Vansh is seen driving the car. He wonders where’s Riddhima. He is certain that she’s in danger and wonders how to find her. He receives Ishani’s call. He asks if she got to know anything about Riddhima. She says no. Vansh asks where’s Kabir. Ishani says he has been at home since morning. Vansh wonders how can anyone get to know about their surprise plan.

Kabir places a pearl necklace in Riddhima’s hand. She gets excited and thanks him. She asks him to make her wear it. Kabir thinks he has been waiting since longtime for this moment. He wishes her happy valentines day and says their old love memories have become fresh. Riddhima asks him to say something. Otherside Vansh gets Riddhima’s location in his phone through the GPS. Riddhima keeps insisting Vansh to say something. Kabir plays a music and starts moving around her. Riddhima says this is one of her favorite song. Kabir goes closer to Riddhima and places a kiss on her shoulder. Riddhima steps back shouting he’s not Vansh. She shouts asking him to untie her hands. Riddhima shouts Vansh. Kabir gets frustrated that he’s plan got spoiled.

Otherside Vansh can feel Riddhima’s shout. He says he’s coming Riddhima. The latter says he committed a big mistake, Vansh will not leave him, he will kill her. Kabir thinks he has done so much for her, but she’s threatening him. Riddhima keeps shouting Vansh. Kabir thinks that he will loss his control hearing Vansh’s name and requests Riddhima not take any third person’s name when they’re together. Kabir hugs Riddhima. The latter somehow unties her hand. She slaps him. Kabir hides before Riddhima remove the blindfold. She takes a knife and asks him to come out and show his face. She says her Vansh would be coming. Vansh reaches the location. Kabir throws the candle away getting frustrated. It falls on Riddhima’s hand hurting her. Kabir says he doesn’t want to hurt her, but can’t bear her calling Vansh’s name.

Vansh comes there. Riddhima hugs him. He asks her what happened. Riddhima says someone took her here. She doesn’t know who he’s. She cries. Vansh asks her to calm down and hugs her. Kabir throws something towards Vansh. Riddhima shouts Vansh. He moves away. Vansh sees someone escaping from there. He runs behind him, but Kabir manages to escape from there. Vansh comes back to Riddhima. He asks if she knows anything about that person. Riddhima says her eyes was blindfolded and he didn’t utter a word. She got to know he’s not Vansh because of his perfume’s smell. Vansh says he has doubt on Kabir. Riddhima looks shocked. Vansh assures Riddhima what happened will not repeat and he will not let nothing happen to her. Riddhima says he saved their child once again. He has already become world’s best father. Vansh says he has come for her.

Vansh takes Riddhima back home. He shouts Kabir’s name. Kabir comes downstairs and acts as he doesn’t know anything. Vansh holds his color and asks where he was in the last few hours. Ishani asks Vansh to leave Kabir and says he was at home. Vansh asks if he was at home why his dress is messed up. Kabir lies that he was about to take shower, but came running hearing his voice. Vansh says he doesn’t think this is an odd time to take shower. Ishani supports Kabir and says they were doing gardening. His dress might’ve gotten dirty so he was going to take shower. Kabir asks what happened to Riddhima. The latter says someone kidnapped her and took to a strange place. She doesn’t know what he wants from her. Kabir assures her that he will find out who is behind this and punish him. Vansh says Riddhima is his wife and he is strong enough to protect her and find and punish those who do wrong with her.

The episode ends.