Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Upcoming Story : Vansh is all set to make the game more dangerous


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The episode starts with Ridhima bringing a shirt for Vihaan so that he can change it since he is wet and he might get sick. Vansh removes his shirt and Ridhima notices the wound caused by the bullet. She thinks that Dadi was right: Vihaan had taken the bullet that was meant for Vansh.

Vihaan wears the shirt and then takes Ridhima aside showing her fireflies. Ridhima remembers telling Vansh that if there is something she likes more than stars, they are fireflies and she wish to see them since she never did. She wonders how Vihaan knows about this and thinks that Vihaan fulfilled the dream she wished Vansh did. She leaves saying it’s getting morning. Vihaan thinks it’s so easy to make a fool out of Ridhima and he is loving the thrill in the game.

In the morning, Angre is in the playground playing basketball. Vihaan comes and asks to play for the old-time sake. Angre agrees saying it will be fun. Vihaan says that he wants to play big games. They start playing and Vihaan scores. Angre understands he is his boss only. Vihaan reveals that he is Vansh but he needed to stay behind the curtain therefore he made Ridhima believe that he is Vansh’s body double and even gave proof for that. He removes the wound given by bullet from his back: it was just a sticker. He throws it in the dustbin. He says that Ridhima is very emotional so it was easy to make a fool out of her otherwise none would have believed such silly things. Angre is glad that he is back from death mouth. Vansh says that he didn’t know that Ridhima would have believed all this so easily though. He tells Angre, who smirks, that he is going to make the game bigger and, no matter who starts the game, Vansh Raisinghania ends it.

Later, Ridhima is seen sleeping when someone covers her eyes with Santa’s hat and chokes her. She screams for help. Ridhima wakes up: it was just a dream. She is scared because it’s said that morning dreams always turn true. She says that it’s 25th December and it’s Christmas. She remembers the Santa hat in her dream.

Ridhima overhears Vihaan’s voice and goes to check in washroom. He notices her and drags her under the shower. He says that she could have asked him kindly that he wanted to have shower with him. She asks whom was he talking with since she heard her name. Vihaan says that people have their own personal life too and asks her if she is jealous. He tries getting closer to her but she pushes him asking how dare he. He grabs her chin but then leaves it. He walks away. Ridhima wonders why she keeps feeling like he is Vansh and not Vihaan remembering a similar moment with Vansh.

Vansh is dressing up when Ridhima comes and grabs a piece of paper that had fallen down. Vansh tries to grab it back but Ridhima opens it and finds out that it’s a 1 crore cheque. Vansh says that he just paid himself the second instalment of their deal since she just paid 48laaksh to him. She blames him for stealing money. She wants to tear it. He warns her that it will be her biggest mistake in their partnership. However, Ridhima tears it. Vansh gets angry and says that time of forgiveness has ended and time for punishment has come. He grabs her. Ridhima says that she isn’t scared of him. He threatens her and leaves.

Ridhima is afraid wondering what he is upto: will he tell everyone that she entered the house as spy or will he try to harm her or anyone else in the house? She knows she cannot trust him.

On the other hand, Angre asks Vansh what’s the need of asking Ridhima permission to play the game. Vihaan says that he doesn’t need anyone’s permission but sometimes more hard work is needed. He affirms that the game is going to get more dangerous.

Episode ends

Precap: Ridhima finds out that Vihaan is googling “how to make a bomb”. Later, Vihaan gifts everyone Santa’s puppets and tells Ridhima that she is very special to him and one bomb will make a big blast.