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Drama to galore in Ishq Mein Marjawan with Daadi learning Riddhima is alive.

Vyom meet Riddhima. Riddhima panics and ask Vyom how he learned she is alive. She see CCTV and fear if she will get caught. Vyom free Riddhima and ask her to run. Riddhima gets adamant to complete the deal. She decides to bring back black box. Vyom says to Riddhima that deal is over. Riddhima says to Vyom till she complete the deal it is not over. Vansh and Angre enters the room. Vansh ask Riddhima who came to meet her. Riddhima says no one. Vansh ask Riddhima to speak the truth. Riddhima says to Vansh that his heart know she is his wife but mind is not letting her believe the fact. Vansh ask Riddhima to speak the truth. Riddhima gets adamant on her words.

Other side, Daadi dream Vyom threating her about past. She get scared and fear Vansh. Daadi’s health worsen. Vansh and Singhania’s take care of Daadi. Elsewhere, Siya falls for Vyom. Ishani decides to help Siya to meet Vyom. Vansh locks Siya and don’t let her go. Siya turns against Vansh.

Now in the upcoming episode, Vansh will confront imposter Riddhima once again. He will ask her to tell about his Riddhima. Riddhima will passionately kiss Vansh to prove him that she is his wife. Meanwhile, Aryan will disclose to Daadi that Riddhima is alive and Vansh lied to them. What Daadi will do with Vansh will be interesting to watch.

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