Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story : Kabir and Anupriya kill Ragini and Siya

Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on
Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on

Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

The episode starts with Ridhima walking towards the unconscious masked man lying on floor, keen on finding out because of whom Vansh has been suffering since three years. However, before she can remove mask, Ragini starts feeling unwell so Ridhima rushes to grab her and take her to the hospital.

At the same time, Siya is seen crying and wishing for Vansh to pick up her call. Kabir gets conscious and goes to get Ragini. Vansh picks up Siya’s call and she tells him that she got to know the name of their mother’s murderer. Before she can reveal it to him, Anupriya snatches the phone from her hands and switches it off.

Siya ask Anupriya to let her go and be scared of Vansh if she wants to survive. Anupriya asks her to leave. She walks away. Anurpiya says that she is innocent and looks at the knife in her hands.
On the other hand, Ridhima is seen taking Ragini away. Ragini says that she doesn’t have much time and tries telling Ragini the name of Uma’s murderer but Kabir shoots her from behind. Kabir says that she completed the work that her mother couldn’t do three years ago. He leaves.

Ridhima tries waking Ragini up but in vain. She remembers promising her to bring out her real culprit and Vansh telling her that Ragini was the only person who knew who killed his mother. Ridhima says that everything has ended. In the meantime, Siya runs while Anupriya chases her. Siya slips and falls at the doorstep of the mansion. Anupriya says that she has no idea how much she hates her, Ishani and Vansh. Siya says that Vansh won’t spare her. Vansh is trying to call Siya or others but everyone’s mobile is unreachable. Vansh calls Anupriya and asks her to check Siya’s room. Siya shouts Vansh’s name but Anupriya stops her and says that she will get punished for interrupting two elders talking. She steps towards Siya who rushes out shutting the door. Anurpiya hears the noise of a car arriving and gets tensed thinking that Vansh has come.

Ridhima cries and blames herself for not trusting Vansh and letting his mother’s murderer win. She guesses Uma’s murderer has killed Ragini and recalls the latter telling her that Vansh is in danger. She thinks that the killer might want to murder Vansh now. She rushes to the car which is punctured but she says that such small things cannot stop her. She runs away because she cannot let anything happen to Vansh. Mishra takes a pouch from Ridhima’s car.

Meanwhile, Siya comes outside and sees Vansh stopping his car but before she can say anything Anupriya gives her injection from behind and starts getting unconscious. Vansh rushes towards Siya who is in Anupriya’s arms. Anupriya pretends to be concerned. Vansh says that he will take Siya to the hospital btu Siya stammers something. She says “Ri”. Anupriya asks whether Ridhima did all this. Vansh says that it isn’t possible. Siya gets unconscious. Vansh calls ambulance. Anupriya thinks that Siya will breath for last time before ambulance comes.
Anupriya recalls Siya saying that she didn’t make Vansh hear Ridhima’s recording yet. While Vansh is trying to wake Siya up, Anupriya plays the recording. She says that a recording is playing in Siya’s phone. Vansh is shocked to hear Ridhima confessing that she came in the house as spy. Anupriya says that she was right and maybe Siya came to know Ridhima’s truth, that is why she did this to Siya. Vansh refuses to believe. Anupriya says that he is blindfolded by love.

Vansh gets footage of Ridhima taking Ragini away from room. He thinks that Ridhima just acted to be concerned about his pain and wonders if this is her truth. Ambulance comes and Vansh rushes to take Siya there.
Ridhima returns home and sees lots of darkness everywhere and “Vansh” “Ridhima” written with diyas on floor. She says it means he is fine and wonders where he is. Vansh comes and says that he is there. Ridhima hugs him. She says that she wants to tell him something about Ragini but he doesn’t let her speak. Suddenly all diyas turn off.

It was all Ridhima’s dream. She is still running towards VR Mansion while Vansh is about to take Siya hospital. Just then, Kabir comes. Vansh says he has no time for drama and has to go to hospital. Kabir declares him under arrest and shows him the warrant. Vansh asks on what basis. Kabir replies that it’s for Ragini’s murder. Vansh says that Ragini is alive. Kabir calls Mishra who shows the picture of Ragini’s dead body. Mishra also shows Vansh’s watch which was near Ragini’s dead body.

Vansh recalls Ridhima taking his watch to repair and wonders if she is behind all this. Kabir also shows footage of three years ago in which he is seen pointing gun at Ragini who is begging him to leave her. Vansh asks who shot it. Kabir explains that he tried killing Ragini three years ago but somehow she escaped but now he has killed her. He also reveals that his own wife gave all the evidences. Vansh thinks Ridhima is a spy. Ridhima is still seen running. Vansh recalls all the times Ridhima’s behaviour was suspicious. He thinks Ridhima is behind what happened with Siya too. He blames Ridhima for betraying him.
Episode ends