Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story: Ridhima defends herself from Aryan and Vansh’s cheap accusations

Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on
Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on

Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

The episode starts with Ridhima justifying the sand under her sandals saying that it’s very normal for middle class people but rich people may not understand that. However, Vansh says that it isn’t normal sand since it is the sand that can be found only in the backyard of their mansion. He asks Ridhima to reply honestly where she was last night. Ridhima is scared. Anupriya asks her how she dared breaking rules of the house the first day itself going to the backyard. Rudra says that everybody knows about the rules of the house and also about Vansh’s special corner. Rohan asks Ridhima what she went there for, what she wanted to steal from there. Vansh warns Ridhima that he hates lies so she should tell the truth only. Ridhima thinks that she should tell the truth at this point.

Ridhima admits that she went to the backyard. Vansh asks why. Aryan comes and says that she came to meet him but she lost the way and reached the backyard. Vansh asks Ridhima if it is true. Ridhima denies. Vansh asks her to tell what the truth is then. Ridhima is nervous and stays silent. Vansh says that her silence means that what Aryan is saying is the truth and he should have understood in the cruise itself that there is something between her and Aryan.

Ishani says that Ridhima looks so innocent but her actions are middle class. Aryan says that anybody can like anyone. Ridhima cries. Siya says that she had seen on cruise that there is nothing between Ridhima and Aryan. She asks Ridhima to speak up. Ridhima wipes her tears. Dadi asks her to tell the truth too. Vansh rudely asks Ridhima to give an answer. Aryan asks him not to scold her and he adds that on ship everything that should have happened has happened already. He apologizes to Ridhima saying that he knows that she wanted to keep professional and personal things separated but he cannot let these people treat her like this. He is about to touch Ridhima but she slaps Aryan hard shocking everyone.

Ridhima warns Aryan not to touch her. Vansh says that this means that there is nothing between her and Aryan. Ridhima asks how they can think something like this about her just because she is orphan and not rich. She says that she cannot bear anybody pointing finger on her self-respect, even if that person is her boss himself. She says that her economic condition doesn’t define her standards. She also reminds Vansh that she went to the cruise to organize the party but he was the one who forcefully brought her in this house.

Ridhima confesses that she went to the backyard. Vansh asks her why she went there. Ridhima calms herself down remembering that Kabir told her that Vansh can feel the fear. She lies that she just had the curiosity of exploring their mansion. She defends herself saying that there is nothing to steal from the garden and she just couldn’t sleep since it was a new place so she went to walk around. Vansh asks why she ran away then. Ridhima replies that she heard his voice and got scared that he might shoot her. Vansh seems to believe her and walks away.

Ridhima walks away too. Title track plays. Aryan touches his cheek and thinks that he will avenge the slap she gave him.

Rohana yells at Rudra for not saying something when Ridhima slapped Aryan. The latter blames his father for being a coward because of which they aren’t treated better than servants in this house. He says that he should have handled the business after Vansh’s father’s death so that he could have reigned in the house. Rudra grabs his collar and says that he shouldn’t forget that he is his father and confesses that he is loyal to Vansh since so many years so that one day he can get all the business and properties. He says that nobody knows what Vansh can do and when he can do that so he shouldn’t ruin his plans and let him do everything alone. He leaves Aryan’s collar and asks him to stop being impulsive and just wait and watch.

On the other hand, Dadi, who is sitting in the temple of the mansion, complains because nobody is helping her with pooja. Ridhima comes and asks for which pooja she is making the arrangements. Dadi tells her that it’s for Ganpati Bappa’s pooja. She is sad because nobody is interested in pooja and hardly show up their face during aarti. Ridhima offers her help and Dadi asks her if her mother used to do pooja. Ridhima tells her that she used to do pooja every week in orphanage.

Dadi praises her kind heart and tells her that Vansh doesn’t understand how good she is but she should just keep her work on and only stay away from Vansh’s work. Dadi praises also how she stood up for her self-respect in front of a powerful man like Vansh. Ridhima asks Dadi for what she is doing pooja and Dadi replies that she is doing it for Vansh’s long life. Ridhima thinks that it’s strange how she is helping in this pooja but wants to send Vansh in jail, however, Bappa himself will punish such a person.

Meanwhile, Vansh gives medicine to Siya and asks her if she has eaten something. Siya says that he takes so much care of her. Ridhima looks at them and thinks that Vansh’s image in front of the world is so different than this and he isn’t emotionless for sure. Vansh looks at her and then walks away while Ridhima starts doing Siya’s massage. She sees Vansh leaving with Angre and thinks that she might get a clue now. She makes an excuse and leaves Siya.

Ridhima gets into Vansh’s study area and contacts Kabir with the transmitter asking him what she should look for. Kabir replies that she should find something hardcore which can help them prove Vansh’s connection with underworld. He explains that she should find something where Vansh registers his illegal activity and transactions.

On the other hand, Vansh asks Angre to stop the car as he forgot his laptop in the locker so they go back home. Ridhima is checking some files. At the same time, Vash gets inside the house. Ridhima thinks that she shall check Vansh’s laptop. Just then Vansh comes in the study area and asks her what she is doing there. Ridhima looks on scared.

Episode ends