Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story : Ridhima is tensed seeing Vansh’s behaviour

Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on
Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on

Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

The episode starts with Ridhima wondering what saree she should wear for the aarti. Dadi comes and chooses a red banarasi saree for her in which she believes Ridhima will look great. Dadi was on phone with Mayura who asks to talk with Ridhima. Dadi gives the phone to Ridhima and leaves.

Mayura tells Ridhima that she called on her phone but she didn’t pick up so she called Dadi. Ridhima recalls dropping the phone last night. Ridhima and Mayura talk on phone and Mayura tells her that she was wrong about Omkar who was right. Mayura wishes for all the bad things to end in their lives this Navratri. Ridhima hopes the same. Mayura wishes best of luck for both of them and then they cut the call. Ridhima decide to get ready quickly.

On the other hand, Angre scolds Ishani, who ignores him and keeps listening to music through headphones, for wearing a short dress which is not appropriate for Mata Rani’s aarti. He snatches her headphones. Ishani gets angry and tears the shirt Angre is wearing. She is about to leave but Angre grabs her and pins her against closet warning her that her decisions will be heard only if she doesn’t cross her limits. He orders her to go and get ready with appropriate clothes. She goes in the washroom.

Later, all is set for the aarti. Dadi tells Anupriya that this time it will be their new daughter-in-law to make Mata Rani’s idol wear chunari. Anupriya gives the chunari to Ridhima who makes the idol wear it. Ridhima sees Vansh on phone and asks him to come to welcome Mata Rani and do pooja. Vansh looks on. Dadi goes to him and asks him to do the jodi rasam at least. She takes him to the temple where he makes Ridhima wear red bangles. Dadi tells about the importance of the tradition and says that red is colour of marriage.

Vansh whispers to Ridhima that red is colour of love and asks what the color of betrayal is. He says red, the colour of blood. He thinks that she must be wondering why he is behaving like this but he is slowly discovering the secrets she has kept in her heart. Ridhima’s bangle breaks. Vansh applies medicine on Ridhima’s little wound.

Chanchal says that it’s inauspicious but Dadi says that the breaking of glass is never inauspicious but a blessing. Vansh asks to ask Ridhima whether it’s inauspicious or not since she always knows everything. He leaves. Ridhima prays to Mata Rani to help her winning Vansh’s trust back since, by his behaviour, it seems like he is suspecting on her.

Later, Dadi comes to Ridhima and says that there is a truth related to Vansh and Navratri. She tells Ridhima that Vansh has never done pooja for Navratri after his mother left and stays in pain these days. Aryan blames Ridhima for not knowing about this despite being Vansh’s wife. Dadi says that Ridhima would know it only if they tell her. She asks Ridhima to start Navratri aarti.

Ridhima does aarti. The rest of family prays standing behind her. Mayura does aarti in her house too. Ridhima recalls Vansh whispering about betrayal in her ear. She prays to get help from Mata Rani so that she can understand what Vansh is up to.

After a while, Ridhima searches for something in the vase of a plant when Anupriya comes and asks what she is hiding. Ridhima says that whatever she is hiding is nothing in front of what she is hiding. She tells Anupriya that she was just searching for her phone which dropped there. She suggests Anupriya to confess the truth to Vansh. Anupriya scoffs and asks Ridhima whether she thinks that she will listen to her and go to tell Vansh the secrets of her past. Ridhima accepts her mistake of not telling Vansh that she was the one burnt his mother’s painting. Anupriya says that she is crossing her limits and adds that she has secrets too as she is betraying Vansh too. Anupriya leaves. Ridhima wonders if Anupriya really knows her truth. Dadi calls Ridhima.