Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story : Ridhima loses the transmitter that connected her with Kabir

Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on
Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on

Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

The episode starts with Vansh asking Ridhima what she is doing in his study area finding her browsing through his files. Ridhima turns towards him and she is holding a book. She recalls seeing Vansh entering in the house and immediately putting files on their place and starting to pretend to read a book after hiding the transmitter. She makes excuse that she was just checking his book collection after Siya told her that he has some good books and she hopes it isn’t forbidden to come there. Kabir is listening to everything and is tensed. Vansh seems believing Ridhima. He gets his laptop from locker and warns Ridhima that he forgave her last night because she said the truth but he hates lies and betrayals so she shouldn’t give him reasons to suspect otherwise nobody has been alive to defend himself/herself in front of him. He walks away.

Ridhima grabs her transmitter but just then Vansh comes back again and asks her to go. He walks towards Ridhima who has her back towards him. Ridhima throws the transmitter out of the window. Kabir loses the connection with her. Ridhima turns towards Vansh who orders her not to come in this area again since this mansion is his world and nothing happens without his permission there.

On the other hand, Kabir is tensed because he isn’t able to get the connection with Ridhima. He wonders how to contact Ridhima now but then gets silent thinking that nobody else shall hear his voice. He decides not to wait.

In Rai Singhania’s Mansion, Dadi asks the family to attend the pooja which is at 4pm. Ridhima thinks that she shall go to get the transmitter before anyone notices it but Dadi stops her asking her to make rangoli. Anupriya asks Dadi why she is making staff do the work that family members shall do. Dadi replies that nobody else is willing to do it. Anupriya asks Ridhima to focus on Siya’s treatment after the pooja and then leaves. Dadi notices some nails placed there and asks a servant to take them away. 

Ridhima starts making the rangoli. Vansh comes there and stares at her. Title track plays. Some colour remains on Ridhima’s cheek. After making the rangoli, Ridhima thinks to go to get the transmitter but Dadi stops her and asks her to help her with the decoration of aarti thaal. Ridhima is about to say something but stops seeing Vansh. She thinks that he might suspect her if she leaves now so she agrees to help Dadi.

After a while, Ridhima thinks that Vansh has left so she goes to find the transmitter. She goes to the garden, unaware of Vansh’s presence. Ridhima searches for the transmitter in the garden when Vansh comes there and asks her if she found what she is looking for. He notices that she is sweating and grabs her wrist. She says that her heartbeat is fast. Ridhima tries to make an excuse but Vansh says that her eyes are clearly saying that she was looking for something. He pulls her closer and asks her what she is looking for. Ridhima says that she needed flowers for the pooja and was checking if they are enough or they shall bring from outside. She asks him to ask to Dadi if he doesn’t trust her and leaves from there.

Ridhima goes back inside the house. Ishani walks on the rangoli made by Ridhima. The latter, Dadi and Siya look on. Ridhima asks her to remove her heels since there is pooja in a while. Ishani warns her that she shouldn’t behave like a family member since she is just staff. Dadi asks Ishani to adjust the flowers but she walks away.

Dadi is about to adjust the flowers herself but Ridhima says that she will do it. She stands on a stool and starts adjusting the flowers. Aryan sees her and recalls the slap. He intentionally hits the stool and walks away. Before Rdihima can fall down, Vansh comes and she falls in his arms. They look at each other. Vansh asks Ridhima to remove her nails from his neck. She apologizes. Her chain with the ring that Kabir had gifted her and which contains their picture too, gets entangled with Vansh’s shirt. When the two recompose, the ring falls on the ground and Vansh picks it. He recalls Ridhima telling him that she isn’t engaged but the ring was given to her by Sejal. Vansh tries to open it but Ridhima snatches it from his hands. When Vansh questions her, Ridhima says that it is a personal memory and he shouldn’t ask personal stuff to someone else when he himself isn’t ready to discuss his life with anybody else. She leaves.

Vansh recalls all the incidents that happened with Ridhima and gets suspicious about her behaviour. He calls Angre and asks him to check if there is anything strange in the garden as Ridhima was looking for something there. Angre nods and leaves. Vansh thinks that he is sure that Ridhima is hiding something from him.

Episode ends