Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on
Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on

Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on

The episode starts with Kabir getting concerned hearing Ridhima’s scream and wondering what happened. Vansh runs towards Siya and removes her dupatta which was getting her chocked from the wheel. The whole family rushes to her asking her if she is fine. Kabir is frustrated because the connection with Ridhima has been lost.

Siya notices that Ridhima is injured and tells Vansh that she just wanted to save her. She also tells the family that Ridhima is just a physiotherapist. Ishani says that Ridhima told them that she is a party planner. Vansh asks Angre to call the medical team. He looks at Ridhima who is weeping because of the injury.

Vansh walks towards Ridhima and picks her in his arms. Ridhima’s eyes widen as Vansh takes her away lifting her in his arms. Title track plays.

Rohana says that such little accidents keep happening in such big cruises. Ishani says that Ridhima is dancing as soon as she got change. Aryan says that he wants to dance with Ridhima and he has full chances with her.

Kabir looks at Ridhima’s picture on his mobile and looks very tensed.

Vansh takes Ridhima to a room and places her on the bed. A doctor aids Ridhima’s wound and she hisses for pain rising a hand which is immediately hold by Vansh. Siya comes and Vansh kneels in front of her. Siya says that it is wrong to hurt someone without knowing the whole truth so he should have waited a second and known everything. Vansh replies that in their world one second matters a lot. He explains that he thought that Ridhima was about to attack on her and he can’t afford anything happening to his family which is his everything. Siya says that he is the best brother in the world but what if something had happened to Ridhima who could have lost her life. Vansh looks at Ridhima and wonders who she is, a physiotherapist or party organizer.

Later Vansh and Ridhima are standing on the bow of the cruise. Ridhima asks Vansh why he called her there. Vansh replies that there are some questions he wants to ask. Ridhima asks if is right to question her after hurting her. He asks her who she is, a physiotherapist or party planner. He shows a gun which scares Ridhima and then asks again who she is. He warns her that she shouldn’t lie since he doesn’t bear lies. He steps towards Ridhima who backs off and is about to fall but he grabs her hand on time. Title track plays.

Vansh orders Ridhima to sit down and answer. Ridhima sits on chair and replies that she has been saying the truth only. Vansh puts a truth serum in front of her and asks her to answer only after drinking it. Ridhima thinks that she shouldn’t deny otherwise he will obviously understand that she is lying so she drinks the truth serum. Vansh asks her again who she is, her real identity, what she is doing there and why she is looking so nervous. Ridhima replies that he hurt her so she is scared. Vansh says that she will get the best treatment for the wound but that was only his natural instinct. He notices that she starts sweating whenever someone asks her about her real identity and then asks her where she lives and about her parents. Ridhima tells him that she is orphan. Vansh doesn’t trust her and starts questioning. Ridhima thinks that Kabir had told her that Vansh can feel the fear of others so she should stay calm like she usually is. Ridhima calms herself down and says to Vansh that he is being rude by interrogating her like this but still she will tell him everything: she is not a famous physiotherapist so she doesn’t get paid much for her sessions and that’s something he can’t understand since he is so rich; she tells him how Ishani insulted her for her economic situation and adds that she had to work as party planner as well to maintain a decent life. Vansh seems convinced and lets her go.

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When Ridhima leaves, Vansh calls Angre and tells him that he just gave an antibiotic to Ridhima telling her that it was a truth serum just to make her weak yet she replied without any fear. Angre asks him if it means that she is clear. Vansh replies no since there must be something she is hiding.

On the other hand Ridhima realizes that she lost the clip that keeps her connected with Kabir. She hopes nobody gets it and rushes to find it.

Vansh asks Angre to go to the shore and find out information about Ridhima and in case she is saying the truth, she will get spared, otherwise even he doesn’t know what he will do with her.

Ridhima looks around for the clip. Aryan comes there and flirts with her asking her if she will come to the party at night as she needs to stay around handsome people. Ridhima excuses herself and leaves. Ishani looks at the scene and say that she used to get irritated by Ridhima but now she pities her. She says that Vansh hurt her but then saved her as well so there must be something going on inside him. Aryan says that Vansh has just eyed her while he has put his name on her. Ishani taunts and mocks him. Aryan says that she will see what will happen after the party.

Ridhima nervously walks left right in the room and wonders how to connect with him. She grabs a dress from suitcase and hugs it crying and saying that she misses Kabir. She recalls Kabir gifting her that dress and cries. Just then someone rings at the door of the room and she goes to open it. A staff member gives her a dress to wear at the party. She opens the box that contains the dress and finds a chit saying that it is to repair the incident happened and asking her to wear the dress at night. Ridhima thinks that Vansh sent it as apology and wonders if she should wear it.

At night, Ridhima comes at the party wearing the dress she received. The whole Rai Singhania family is there. Ishani is dancing with her boyfriend. Ridhima thinks that she should find the clip before someone else finds it. Vansh is continuously drinking alcohol shots when his eyes lay on Ridhima.

A woman take Ridhima to the dance floor where Ishani glares at her. Ridhima slips and falls into Vansh’s arms. They recompose. Ridhima looks around awkwardly and is about to leave but Vansh holds her hand and asks her to dance. He affirms that the game he plays shall be properly ended as well. They start dancing together. Everybody except Ishani and Aryan claps for them.

Ridhima walks away and starts searching for the clip. She wonders where it is. Vansh comes from behind and says that he has found what she is looking for. He shows a closed fist. Ridhima is scared thinking that he found the transmitter and got to know her reality. Vansh opens his fist and Ridhima looks at it with wide eyes.