Ishqbaaz 5th March 2019 Upcoming Story: Shivaansh connects the dots and finds out that Varun is well and alive


Ishqbaaz 5th March 2019 Upcoming Story on

Shivaansh manages to connect the dots and he finds out that Varun is well and alive and hiding somewhere to get him behind bars. He realizes that it was Varun’s plan to get him killed so that Varun can snatch all his property. Mannat helps Shivaansh in figuring out Varun’s plan and his aides who helped him by being inside the Oberoi mansion. She makes Shivaansh realize that she had always told him the bitter truth and instead he never believed her. Shivaansh regrets the fact very much that he had doubted a true-hearted girl like Mannat.

He apologizes to her and they proceed to get more evidence against Varun. Shivaansh comes across a video in Mannat’s phone that is a, fortunately, a big proof against Varun. He witnesses Varun killing Honey in the video and informs Nandini about the same. That’s how they get the proof that Varun is a murderer. Shivaansh devises a plan to catch and nab Varun. He lays a trap for Varun by declaring his innocence to the media through Nandini’s help. Nandini uses Sharda as bait to nab Varun on the other end Varun doesn’t want to leave any evidence against him.

He reacts to seeing the news and reaches the Oberoi mansion to kill Sharda as well. He fells in Shivaansh’s clever trap and gets arrested by the police. Shivaansh then unveils Varun’s each and every crime he committed in front of the family so that they know Varun’s real intention and hate him. Varun pays for his crimes, while Shivaansh becomes a hero in his family all once again. The family gets shocked after getting to know about Shivaansh’s critical illness. They don’t imagine that he is dealing with such pain all alone and wish for his early recovery.