Ishqbaaz 6 march 2019 Upcoming Story: Mannat struggles along with pain to save Shivaansh’s life


Ishqbaaz 6th March 2019 Upcoming Story on

Shivaansh gives all the credit to Mannat for bringing the truth and saving their family from culprit like Varun. He also reveals to Nani about how Mannat has always supported him and that He values her support throughout. Mannat gets all the due respect. Nani accepts her as Shivaansh’s wife very heartily and asks Shivaansh to accept Mannat as well. She also curses Varun for breaking Radhika’s heart. She is quite sure that Varun will surely pay for his crimes. Varun comes to his real self and insults the Oberois very much. He doesn’t value Radhika at all then Sahil slaps Varun for insulting Radhika. Shivaansh wish Varun to spend all his life in jail. He wants to know who is the mastermind of all this but Varun does not reveals the name of the mastermind. Radhika sinks in sorrow with Varun. Shivaansh handles the family’s tension with strength.

He asks Radhika to make a new start for her life and shall get all the happiness and Radhika apologizes to all of them. Mannat gets happy after uniting with Shivaansh and his family. Nandini wants Shivaansh to take care of himself also Mannat asks Shivaansh to cry sometimes and express his emotions freely. Shivaansh and Mannat become the stars of their family. They have a united the  family again. Shivaansh falls sick suddenly while he cherishes the good moments with his family. This is when they learn about his critical illness issues. Having reached the hospital, the family hopes that Shivaansh will be fine soon. Little do they know that a big shock is about to be revealed. The doctor reveals that it is not possible to save Shivaansh.

Khanna tells them about Shivaansh’s illness and then Sahil explains Nani the promise which bounded him from revealing the truth to them earlier. The family is in a huge shock knowing Shivaansh is going to die because of a fatal heart attack. They want Shivaansh to survive somehow and  Mannat wants her husband to get well. She goes to meet Shivaansh, She wishes Shivaansh to join the family and end their sorrow. Mannat then decides to pray for Shivaansh’s long life. He tells her that he is ready to die and accept his fate with gratitude and she has to take care of his family and He trusts Mannat that she will be taking good care of them.

Mannat explains him how important he is for them then He meets his family and sees their smiling faces. He tells them that he doesn’t like sad scenes and the family cries after seeing him. Shivaansh asks Mannat not to waste time on finding any other doctor and gives her some words of wisdom. He is very thankful to her for binding relations with love. He also expresses his feelings for Mannat and apologizes to her for always hurting her. She doesn’t want him to die and asks Shivaansh to undergo the operation if there is any possibility of his survival. Shivaansh respects her wish for the last time and she rushes to struggle and pray for his successful operation.