Ishqbaaz 7th March 2019 Upcoming Story: Sahil’s bitter truth is revealed.


Ishqbaaz 7th March 2019 Upcoming Story on

Shivaansh tells Mannat that since he is about to die and he didn’t wish to marry anyone and ruin her life. He can’t fulfill her dreams as well. He asks her if anything he can do to help her, so that he can also die with peace. He also promises to do anything for her to repay for his mistakes and fulfill her wish. Mannat tells him that he should go for the operation and follow his heart. She asks him to be strong and hold courage to survive the operation. She promises him that she will always be with him. She asks him to undergo the surgery for the sake of those whom he loves and cares. Shivaansh gets very critical and He gives his consent for the operation.

Mannat is quite sure that Shivaansh will sustain the tough operation and come back to her by a strong will. She also expresses her belief that Shivaansh will recover after the surgery. She stays by Shivaansh’s side to motivate and strengthen him. She asks the family to just hold the belief and that  Shivaansh will come back to them fine. Doctor also is ready to take the chance when Mannat expresses her strong faith. Mannat signs the consent form on behalf of being Shivaansh’s wife. Mannat tells them that she will pray at the temple so that she can bring back Shivaansh to life.

Shivaansh undergoes for the operation while Mannat heads on for the tough rituals of the worship. She heads back to the hospital after the rituals to get a status of Shivaansh’s surgery with a wish that he survives and lives a long life with her and family. The family blesses Mannat after she has performed a special prayer and undergone a lot of pain for Shivaansh. They are very sure that Mannat’s prayer will be fulfilled.

Mannat gets very happy when the doctor gives the good news to her. She is very glad that Shivaansh has survived. Shivaansh resumes his normal life with all thanks to Mannat. He gets busy in his work, Mannat takes care of him. Nani is very happy to see Shivaansh and Mannat’s love and care for each other. Shivaansh and Mannat have a very romantic dance. They both realize their love for each other. Mannat is very happy, She keeps dreaming of Shivaansh. She can’t believe when her dreams turn into reality.

Sahil is abot to show his real face. He tells his aide that he is like the Kans if Shivaansh is Krishna. Sahil wants to ruin Shivaansh. Sahil is evil-minded and determined to kill Shivaansh to snatch everything from him. Varun pity Shivaansh who has no idea about Sahil’s truth. Sahil says Shivaansh is innocent of sending you to jail, but I’ve got you out and nothing can get fine for Shivaansh now.

Sahil and Varun both plan against Shivaansh. They wish Shivaansh must die soon. Sahil says Shivaansh will come to know that you have escaped from the jail, since his surgery, he is getting glimpses of Shivaye’s death and I may fall in danger, it will be good if we take all the money and run away. He reveals that Mannat and Shivaansh have come much closer, and now Mannat won’t go against him. Then Varun assures him that Mannat will surely do what he asks her to do, since he has kept Munni captive again. He plans to use Mannat against Shivaansh again.