Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 14th March 2022 Written Update: Shiva plans to ruin Paragi’s life


Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 14th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kinkar tells Paragi that she need not to take loan. She asks him that why he is saying like this. He is about to reply but stops himself seeing Atul. After some time, Paragi gives the cheque to Chanda and asks her to not worry about anything. Atul says that he will handle everything because Chanda can’t go to bank. Chanda agrees with him and she asks Paragi to give the cheque to Atul. Paragi is about to give the cheque to Atul but Sanjay snatches it from her and tears it. She asks him that why he tore the cheque. He says that if he reveals the truth then it will hurt many people. She asks him that what happened.

He reveals that Atul and others are behind insurance fraud which shocks everyone. Shiva asks Paragi to not trust Sanjay. Sanjay says that he have proof and he is about to show it. But Paragi stops him saying that she completely trust him so he need not to show anything. Atul says that proof must be fake like Sanjay. Chanda says that Sanjay never lies. Atul tries to defend himself. But Kinkar asks him to not defend. Atul accepts that he is behind everything and he did all this because that money belongs to him not Paragi. He shouts at Chanda. Paragi asks him to not talk like that to Chanda. He threatens Paragi so Sanjay warns him.

Chanda asks Atul to not misbehave with Sanjay and the latter pushes her. Paragi, Sanjay and Kinkar helps Chanda to sit. Paragi slaps Atul for pushing Chanda. Kinkar apologizes to Chanda and Paragi. Paragi says that she can see that Kinkar regretting. She threatens Atul and Shiva and tells them to treat Chanda well. Atul and Shiva goes inside. Paragi tells Chanda that the money will be transferred on the latter’s account. Chanda thanks Paragi and Sanjay. Kinkar takes Chanda inside.

Sanjay asks Paragi to call him if she needs anything then. She hugs him and thanks him. He tells her that he fulfilled his responsibility that’s it. She says that she forgive him. He says that they can face any problem together and hugs her. Shiva sees that and tells Atul that she will take revenge on Paragi for slapping him.

Later, Sanjay and Paragi spends time together. On the other hand, Atul and Shiva questions Kinkar. Kinkar says that they betrayed Chanda and Paragi and he is glad that the truth is out. Atul says that he will also see how long Paragi can save Kinkar. Kinkar reminds him about Paragi’s threat and goes inside. Sanjay and Paragi reaches home. Then Sanjay leaves for meeting. Baby tells Sushma that Paragi taking advantage of Sanjay’s sweet nature.

Shiva tells Atul that Sanjay and his family are Paragi’s weakness so they should attack them. She asks him to use Chanda to reach Paragi. Meanwhile, Pramod tells Sushma that Sanjay did well in the meeting. Sanjay enters his room and gets surprised seeing the decorations. Baby tells Sushma that Paragi may divert Sanjay’s mind from work.

Episode ends.

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