Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti 14th March 2022 Written Update: Jagannath to fullfill all of Viren’s last wishes!


Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti 14th March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Kashi bringing Kusum so that Purvi can take her picture saying she is the founder member. Kusum says wait let me get ready. Purvi takes her picture then Kashi asks about Jagannath, Kusum says he might be with Viren. So they go to see album to get a new picture of Jagannath. Purvi finds all the pictures of Jagannath are with someone not alone. Kashi says I need alone picture of Jagannath. Kusum says then you would have to wait. Purvi then finds a picture of Jagannath with Viren and says we can crop this. Kusum and Kashi are amazed with Purvi’s editing skills.

Here, Jagannath comes to ghat with Viren’s body and remembers their time together. Before burning of the hody, Jagannath stumbles being emotional while pandit ji helps him. Jagannath sits while the body is burning and Viren’s son asks Jagannath to go home as they are also leaving for preparation. Jagannath says Viren has not even left his body but you guys have no patient and respect for him. Jagannath sits there and a man gives the asthi of Viren to him. Jagannath cries.

Purvi asks about the pictures in album when Kusum tells stories about Jagannath and no matter how much he hides his feelings, he fears to be left alone. Purvi laughs on stories of Jagannath. Here, Jagannath is sitting by the bank of river while he imagines Viren and talks to him how he cheated him and went to god faster, they should have gone together. Viren tells how he should let it go and he should give him the picture he has of him and Kusum. Jagannath cries and feels sad. Jagannath takes out the picture from his wallet and makes it flow in the water. He takes the asthi and walks home.

It gets late in the evening when Kusum gets worried for Jagannath and says even Viren’s phone is switched off. Kashi asks should I go and check? Suddenly the bell rings when Kusum rushes to open the door. Kusum asks where was he from morning? You were with Viren right? Jagannath says yes..he shows the asthi. Kusum cries and says what are you saying? Jagannath says Viren left us without saying us anything. Purvi and Kashi are shocked and get emotional. Kusum asks why did Jagannath bring this here and didn’t make it flow in Ganga.

Mohit comes and asks Jagannath they got to know from the man by the bank that you got the asthi. Jagannath says yes, I got it because Viren, my friend, your grandfather was an emotional person and he would want this to be done by you as you didn’t have the time to be when his body was burning. Kusum cries. Jagannath says take it and go do the ritual. Jagannath gives a smart phone to Viren and says Viren wanted to buy you this so that you don’t have to steal his money from his bank. Mohit says I don’t want it. Jagannath says angrily, take it and leave. Jagannath makes him go and cries. Purvi, Kashi and Kusum cry.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jagannath asks Kusum not to leave him alone when he dies. Kusum pacifies him.

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