Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 18th February 2022 Written Update: Kusum talks to her kids!


Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 18th February 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Kusum getting a video call from Alok and Deepa. Kusum gets reminded of all the childhood memories of them. Kusum starts crying. Alok says are we so bad, you have started crying? Jagannath taunts in his mind saying they are pretending to be so concerned. Kusum asks Alok if he is eating or not as he seems slim. Kusum then asks her daughter in law if she is not making food nicely. Kusum says you guys didn’t come only. Deepa says Alok was all set to come but his work stopped him. Alok says my tickets were booked but uncle said due to layoffs, taking off is difficult. Kusum says you are always inclined towards your in laws as they gave you the job. Alok says it’s not like that, did you do your eye operation? I sent money. Kusum says I thought I will do when you would come. Jagannath taunts saying just giving money isn’t enough. Alok says where is dad? Ask him to come infront of camera. Kusum asks Jagannath but he doesn’t. Kusum then says how last time when they came, Alok and his wife were in India, they went to his inlaws. Jagannath says why are you taunting daughter in law like a classic mother in law? Your son oy decides it all so tell him as well. Alok asks Jagannath to come infront of camera. Alok asks Deepa to ask him to come as she was his princess. Deepa says I was but not anymore. Jagannath takes the laptop and closes it. He locks it.

Kusum cries and asks him to give it back. Jagannath says no, these kids will take advantage of us, see Viren only. Kusum says our children are not like this. Jagannath says even Viren never thought his kids are like this but it happened, now they have just canceller their plans to visit, soon they will come and take our money away. Kusum says please give me the laptop.

Here, Purvi asks Babu to go as Jagannath might spot them. Babu says let them see, I have bought shagun chunri for you from dad’s shop. Purvi gets happy. Babu says in 21 days we will have the marriage. Purvi says yes. Purvi rings the bell of the door. Jagannath asks who is it? Kusum says must be Purvi. Jagannath says even Purvi has to go, she is a stranger what if she takes my property. Purvi aska Babu to go. Kusum opens the door and Purvi shows the chunri she got from shop. Kusum says it’s lovely.

Jagannath comes and says take your luggage and leave. Jagannath brings her bags while Purvi says why? Jagannath says we can’t keep strangers just like that and take responsibility. Purvi says I won’t go anywhere, you saved me twice and now I will stay here only, it’s the matter of 21 days please. Jagannath goes. Purvi asks Kusum if she did right. Kusum says don’t know, only time can say.

Later, Jagannath is in the room reading a book about ego and anger of a man. He listens to Kusum and Purvi laughing. Kusum comes to room so Jagannath starts taunting Kusum to have formed a gang with Purvi against him. Kusum laughs and says you are thinking too much. Jagannath sees money in Kusum’s hand. Jagannath says you took money form her? Kusum says she is stubborn like you and didn’t listen till the time she gave me the money as rent. Jagannath says you took the rent? Now she will stay here long. Kusum says it’s just a matter of 21 days.

Episode ends.

Precap – Purvi does zumba in morning. Jagannath asks her to stop the song.

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