Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 1st March 2022 Written Update: Jagannath talks to Esha!


Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 1st March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Kashi and Badri watching Purvi buy vegetables and the vendor rating the vegetables high. Badri asks Kashi to go to Purvi. Kashi says I don’t have time to waste on her. Badri says don’t go, I will go to her. He goes, Kashi follows him. Purvi is having trouble on deciding amount of vegetables to take. Kashi says see the type of vegetables you are taking. Purvi sees. Viren and Jagannath play cards. Viren tells how telling lie is an art. Jagannath wins from Viren and says I know how to catch a lie. Jagannath sees Kusum and says look at her, she doesn’t understand lies when our kids lie to us and give fake love and expectations. Kusum talks to Deepa and Alok on video call. Kusum tell them how Jagannath fell and sprained his leg. Kusum blames Baby at first so Deepa says ask Baby to be more careful. Kusum says it’s because of Purvi. They ask who is Purvi? Kusum says leave it. They talk about maid and their nature. Alok praises his wife, for handling everything as they don’t have maid. Deepa says but it’s all automated right? Kusum complains about them not listening to her. Alok coughs so Kusum gets worried and asks if they saw a doctor. Jagannath looks at her and her innocence. Viren says now I understand what you meant. Jagannath and Viren talk about how relations change.

In the kitchen, Purvi watches video and follows the steps to make pulav. Kashi watches Purvi wasting rice so he says you are wasting so much. Purvi asks Kashi to help. Kashi does so. Badri enjoys. Purvi cuts the vegetables and asks Badri to help too. Kusum brings video call near Jagannath to talk. Jagannath says I don’t want to talk especially to Deepa. Kusum says it’s Esha. Jagannath talks with fun with Esha. They both make plans of when they meet and what all they will do. Jagannath asks Esha when she will come. Deepa comes on video call and says she has some competitive exams so after that. Jagannath gets awkward, Deepa says sorry I disturbed so she leaves. Esha tells Jagannath she doesn’t want to give any exam. Jagannath becomes awkward by seeing Deepa. Kusum asks Esha to not say like this. They say bye and end the call.

Esha asks Deepa angrily why she came on call, nanu got awkward and didn’t talk to me, all because of you, in whole Banaras your story is famous. Deepa is about to beat her but stops. Esha says beat me why did you stop? You only have created his distance and gap, what did you ask from nanu this year? Deepa is taken a back. Kusum keeps the laptop aside. Kusum tells Jagannath how Deepa is unable to make profits from boutiques so can we break the FD you made for me? Jagannath says no. Kusum says what is the use, if it doesn’t help our kids. Jagannath says this a bluff done by Deepa using Esha. Jagannath asks Kusum to make Khichdi.

Badri comes and says no need of khichdi. They all go and see food made. Jagannath praises Kashi for making so many dishes. Badri and Kashi serve all while Purvi watches from far. Kusum says you made it for all of us. Kashi says not me Purvi made. Jagannath starts coughing and says this girl will always trouble us, what is this. Kashi tastes it and says garam masala is bit much. Viren says what is the issue. Kusum says masala is bit more but we can eat. Jagannath says you know I get acidity, you can’t cook for me one meal? You gave the kitchen to a girl like this? Purvi says what kind of mistake? Purvi says maybe I made a mistake and put a bit more garam masala. Purvi tastes the food and coughs. Purvi says I made the food with good intention, to make you guys feel special, I was thinking to make your anger go away but… Jagannath is silent. Purvi says you have to listen to me, tell me if I was your daughter or grand daughter would you have pointed out the same mistakes? You are saying it just to me, because you don’t like me as you are angry on me.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jagannath faces a bad taunt from government officials and feels bad.

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