Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 21st February 2022 Written Update: Purvi disturbs Jagannath’s morning yoga!


Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 21st February 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Purvi doing aerobics on loud music that disturbs Jagannath. Jagannath looks at Kusum. Kusum signs Purvi to slow down the music. Purvi puts headphones but starts singing out loud. Jagannath says how will I do yoga. Kusum goes to Purvi and asks her to stop as Jagannath is disturbed by it. Purvi says I am doing aerobics, it burns more calories than yoga. Jagannath says it’s yog not yoga.

Purvi says yoga sounds better. Jagannath says today’s generation is like this. Purvi then teaches Kusum to do yoga. Jagannath says stop your music, I want to do yog. Purvi says I am also doing exercise yaar. Jagannath says yaar? I am not your friend. Purvi says a friend is who never leaves you and you saved me when my family went away from me so I you are my friend. Kusum smiles but seeing Jagannath she stops. Kusum asks Purvi to let Jagannath do yoga. Purvi goes. Jagannath says I know Kusum you also support that Purvi.

Purvi says to Kusum she wanted to do nice things for uncle ji but now I think I did wrong. Kusum says let it be. Purvi goes to Jagannath and apologies. Purvi says I didn’t want to trouble you, you can do yoga in the morning I won’t disturb you. Jagannath says no you youth do your way and like that only, right? Purvi says no uncle ji, you are taking me wrong, I am sorry. Jagannath says okay and leaves. Purvi is in Jagannath’s study room and thinks to do something good for him.

Kusum is making Baby massage her legs and asks her to do it nicely. Baby says I work so hard I get tired, you have such a big house, you can sell it and get a flat. Kusum says what are you saying! Kusum gets to know Purvi is in Jagannath’s study room so she asks Baby to go and bring her back as Jagannath will get angry if his things are kept here and there. Just then bell rings and Baby open the gate. Gupta ji comes and gossips with Kusum about maids. Baby is there to listen so Kusum sends her to Purvi.

Purvi finds some old files and notebooks of Deepa which are blank so she decides to sell them. She sees a kabadi wala from window and hands over the files and notebooks. Baby brings Purvi out. Gupta ji asks about Purvi, so Kusum gets nervous and says she is Jagannath’s aunt’s great grand daughter. Purvi addresses herself as Mishra and goes out. She gets the payment from kabadi wala.

Jagannath comes and sees Purvi. Purvi says I have a surprise for you. Jagannath wonders what. He goes in and finds his files missing. He calls Kusum and asks her. Kusum is silent. Jagannath thinks Baby misplaced it but Purvi comes and says it was her who did it to help him clean up. Jagannath asks where are the files? Purvi days I sold them. Jagannath is furious. Kusum watches in fear.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jagannath and Kusum worry for Purvi and her whereabouts.

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