Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 24th March 2022 Written Update: Jagannath becomes upset with Purvi leaving the house!


Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 24th March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Kashi imagining Purvi coming to him and being near him. Kashi adores Purvi. Badri comes and makes Kashi come out of dreamworld and teases him. Next day, Jagannath brings a wardrobe on his own while Baby tries to stop him. Kusum says don’t stop him today he is irritated as he doesn’t want to show his emotions that he is upset that Purvi will marry and go. Jagannath says I am not upset or sad, this is not a house for everyone that they come and stay here, let her marry anyone she wants and go wherever she wants. Purvi comes and gives Jagannath his favourite tea. Jagannath takes it but is silent. Purvi goes, Kusum tries to stop her but she goes. Kusum says Purvi has done so much for us how can you say she is an outsider?

Purvi comes to the tea stall and asks him for a tea like Jagannath has. Tea stall guy says it seems like you have taken the colours of Jagannath’s home. Purvi thinks but he doesn’t think I am his own, he doesn’t want to stop me. Purvi drinks tea and remembers previous moments with Jagannath and Kusum. Later, Babu and Sachin are in the cafe. Sachin says I don’t think Purvi will come. Babu says she will. Sachin goes to washroom when Purvi comes. Seeing Sachin, Purvi remembers what Sachin did with her. Purvi scolds Babu to bring Sachin. Purvi tells Babu what all Sachin did with her. Babu beats Sachin and warns him to stay away. Babu says you are breaking friendship for her. Babu says I trust Purvi. Here, Kashi is unable to focus on work so Badri asks Kashi to go to Jagannath’s house. Kashi asks why? Badri says Purvi is there your day will get better. Kashi scolds Badri so he says I meant meet Kusum and come. Kashi says right. Badri asks Kashi to go and have a bath. Kashi says yes. Kashi goes while Badri is happy for Kashi falling in love.

Babu and Purvi come near a tea stall. Babu says I know you won’t forgive me or come to me but I really wished you could have come back. Purvi is silent. Babu says I have to give you something. Babu gives Purvi her woolen cap and says forgetting you is already tough and I won’t be able to forget you by seeing this with me so I wanted to give this back to you. Purvi takes it and wears it. Purvi calls Babu near. They look at each other emotionally. Kashi sees them from far. Kashi remembers his time with Purvi. Purvi and Babu hug. They spot Kashi. Babu remembers Kashi and Purvi’s moment and gets angry. He goes to Kashi while Purvi looks on. Purvi goes to Babu and worries. Babu smiles and says Kashi, I am Babu, we met previously. Kashi says when? Babu says in that paan shop. Kashi remembers how Babu was on call talking romantically with Purvi. Babu asks Kashi if he is in reality. Kashi says I am in real world now. Babu says paan and love are not everyone’s cup of tea. Babu pulls Purvi close. Kashi says yes and goes back.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jagannath worries for Purvi when Purvi comes in shaadi attire and says how am I looking for my court marriage? Kusum and Jagannath are shocked.

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