Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 28th March 2022 Written Update: Jagannath decides to support Purvi and Babu!


Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 28th March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode begins with Jagannath remembering the same moments with Deepa while Purvi goes emotionally. Kashi is upset and brings Badri to court when Badri asks Kashi to see Purvi who is coming there with Dolly. Kashi smiles seeing her. Badri says you knew Purvi is getting married today but you came here. Purvi spots them and gets happy seeing them there. Purvi says thanks for coming, can you become witness as I have only one. Kashi nods while Purvi thanks him. Purvi asks Dolly to see the notice board and says where is Babu?

Here, Kusum and Jagganath peeling green peas when they see Baby with Purvi’s lugage. Baby says I thought she will go so I packed her luggage. Jagannath scolds her and takes the luggage back. Kusum smiles. Here, Purvi gets message from Babu saying I will reach soon, don’t worry. Purvi gets upset over Babu coming late. Dolly consoles her while Badri and Kashi find it wierd. The peon calls for Purvi and Babu so Purvi asks for sometime. Purvi becomes upset and cries. Kashi brings tea for Purvi. Purvi thanks him. Purvi sees all the other couples getting married. Kashi sees Purvi crying and Dolly sleeping. Kashi worries for Purvi.

Purvi gets anxious and says messages are not getting delivered to him, where is he. Dolly says wait, let me call. Peon says today they are done for the day. Dolly says he is not picking up. Babu comes and Purvi hugs him and cries asking him why he came late, they can’t get married now. Babu says I reached at 5pm, now court is closed and marriage won’t happen. Babu smiles shocking everyone. Babu says what did you think of yourself, I would marry you? You are a duffer, your this friend Dolly is smarter than you, you didn’t understand your Babu. Purvi is shocked. Purvi asks what was all that you said last night.

Babu says it was revenge. Kashi is shocked. Babu says you slapped me, so this is the revenge, you shouldn’t have slapped me, so this is a humiliation for you. Kashi holds Babu’s collar. Kashi sees Babu’s guys with weapons so Badri backs him off. Babu says did you forget my dad’s contacts, don’t you dare make me scared by these guys. Purvi cries while Babu pretends like he doesn’t like seeing her cry. Babu says one last thing, I love. Kashi pushes Babu and warns him to stay him. Babu says I have nothing against you, so don’t come between us, I have touched her so much you can’t even imagine. Purvi is shocked. Babu goes smirking.

Jagannath is sitting and he remembers all the moments with Purvi. Kusum comes and watches him. Jagannath says will Purvi come here to take our blessings? Kusum smiles and says she will definitely come here for you. Jagannath says I wanted to tell her so much and how I am happy with her happiness and wanted to protect her, I was scared thinking Babu might not be right, I don’t want anything else, I didn’t bless Deepa and Mayank but this time I will bless Purvi and Babu. Jagannath asks Kusum to take aarti of them and they should feel we are there with Purvi. Jagannath gets emotional and says I want to tell so many things to her. Kusum says open your heart to her. Bell rings. Kusum says they must have come, I will bring aarti thaal. Kusum makes the thaal ready. Jagannath asks her to hurry. They go to open the door. They are shocked to see Purvi alone and crying. They ask Kashi and Dolly what happened? Purvi is silent. They are shocked to hear that Babu denied to marry her. Kashi says Babu was a bastard. Purvi says to Jagannath you were right, my love lost, Babu cheated me like you said. Purvi runs inside crying.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jagannath asks Kusum what he should do to help Purvi. Jagannath decides to help Purvi out.

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