Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 2nd March 2022 Written Update: Purvi denies to meet Babu!


Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 2nd March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Jagannath going to room and Purvi saying I will eat, and asks Kusum if she is not feeling spicy. Kusum says no, sometimes it happens with garam masala, next time use raw ingredients. Viren says soon you will cook really nice. They all eat. At night, Jagannath is unable to sleep so he starts asking Kusum all silly questions if door is looked, if gas is off. Kusum feels irritated so she closes her ears and sleeps. Jagannath starts going to kitchen to find any food but doesn’t get anything. Then in fridge he sees pulao and eats it. Suddenly rhe light is turned on by Kusum who watches Jagannath eating. Jagannath stops and says I am hungry so have to eat this. Kusum says okay and smiles. She goes. She turns around and says you were saying Viren you can’t lie and bluff but you are able to. She smiles.

Next day, Purvi is doing exercise and talks to Babu on call and tells him about Jagannath scolding her yesterday and how he looks cute, I am happy Kusum is now happy with me and Viren is also my friend. Babu says you know, I have left my house for you. Purvi asks what? Babu says I told, I will marry Purvi only and will get a job, so I came from home. Purvi gets happy and says wow I can’t believe you did it, we will make everything better once we marry and convince them. Babu says it’s not that easy. Purvi says we will make it easy and asks where he is. Babu says I am at Sachin’s place. Purvi says I am coming,I love you. They smile.

Kusum and Jagannath take measurements for name board, the vendor says the price highly so Kusum tries to bargain. Kusum comes there and says Jagannath is retired why are you saying prices so high, settle it at 800 only, how will he give so much. Jagannath says so what? I am retired then what? I have savings, I have served my department well during my government job, I could not do buttering of seniors and become chief but I have done my work dedicatedly. He asks Purvi to write the name plate correctly and mention senior engineer.

Purvi comes to meet Babu, Babu asks her to come up. Kashi and Badri are treating the tourists well. Purvi is about to go up when Badri spots her and comes to her. Purvi is surprised to know this is Kashi’s home. Badri says how did you get Kashi’s address? Kashi says why have you become a CID, Kusum or Jagannath must jave given. Kashi says so come to my office , you came first time. Purvi says you are busy with your tourists so you should see to it first. Kashi says Badri cam handle it, you come. Purvi says I will come again. Kashi says okay. Kashi gets mesmerized by her when she goes while Badri asks Kashi to stop blushing. Kashi asks Badri to see to the tourists. Purvi messages Babu that she can’t come as Jagannath and Kusum’s relatives are there. Babu feels sad and upset.

Near Jagannath’s house a water pipe bursts so government person tells them all thay the pipe can be repaired after two days. Purvi comes and asks a person what is going on they tell about the situation. She sees it from far. Jagannath says but Varanasi has a shortage of water and we can’t have so much water wasted like this, if you wait for project management report then it will get late, call crisis department. The person asks who are you? Do you know government procedure? Jagannath says I am Jagannath Mishra, retired senior engineer in government water department. The person says you are retired so please let us do our work. Jagannath is taken a back so Viren and Kusum pacify her. Kusum says maybe he is new in department.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jagannath feels even after working so hard, he got this at the end.

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