Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 7th March 2022 Written Update: Jagannath appreciates Purvi!


Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 7th March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Kusum making Jagannath rest. Jagannath says today, suddenly I felt dizziness and I felt pain in my right hand side. Kusum says I am going to get tea. Jagannath holds her hand and says please sit by me for sometime, don’t leave me alone for now. Kusum says I am not going anywhere, I am here only. Kusum says I am bringing tea so that we can both enjoy. Jagannath dozes while Kusum takes his phone and goes. Kusum calls doctor and tells what all happened with Jagannath. The doctor gives some medicines. Purvi listens to it and asks if doctor is coming? Kusum says no, he gave medicines. Kusum says this is just old age factors, you go to meet Babu. Purvi says should I help you with anything? Kusum says just come on time or else I get afraid and worried and if you get delayed just call me and inform me. Purvi goes.

Babu is seeing other couples celebrate valentine’s day and feels upset. Purvi has roses and takes rikshaw when Babu calls Purvi and asks her if she is coming or not. Purvi says I am coming, I took the rikshaw. Babu is angry. Purvi then thinks about what Jagannath faced today, so she asks the rikshaw to go in different direction. Badri brings roses for Kashi and says today is rose day so give rose to a girl. Kashi says why you got these for me? Badri says put some effort, I am doing more efforts than you, do something to get Purvi. Kashi beats Badri when Purvi comes calling Kashi. Badri and Kashi stop fighting. Badri says see she is coming with roses. Purvi gives the whole roses to Badri, while Badri says why me, I call you sister, give to Kashi. Purvi says okay give it. Badri says you give it. Purvi gives it to Kashi. Purvi says let’s go Kashi. Kashi says where are we going? Purvi takes him.

Kusum talks to Alok about what happened today, and how she is worried. Alok says don’t worry. Kusum says I am worried and stressed about Jagannath’s health. Alok says it’s 3 at night here, I have an important meeting tomorrow, let’s talk tomorrow. Kusum says okay. Alok’s wife asks Alok why he cut the call abruptly, she needed us. Alok says she is behaving like a kid and tomorrow she will do all the tests and we can’t afford to send more money. Kusum calls Deepa and says how she is worried, Deepa says she will call back as she is busy. Jagannath is hearing all this and feels bad for Kusum who is crying. Jagannath asks her to hold his hand and not care about what the children say as they don’t care about them.

Here, Purvi starts recording the mishappenings in the pension office where no one is working. Kashi is also with her. The head officer gets angry and asks why is she recording? Purvi says to post on social media. The officer says you can’t do this. Purvi says you will get famous and will tag the government too. He asks what you want? Purvi says we want the pension status for Viren. He says it will take time. Purvi says we have lot of time. Later, Purvi comes to home and listens to Viren getting call from pension officer, who says this recording and all is no way, normally your case could have been settled in 2 months but now I don’t think it will get settled. Kusum says she is just a kid. Viren says please don’t do this. Purvi feels bad. Jagannath takes the phone and defends Purvi’s action, and says if you don’t solve the matter in 2 days then we will post this on social media. Viren also thanks Purvi. Jagannath says well done Purvi. Kusum gets relieved while Purvi feels happy.

Episode ends.

Precap – Purvi cries in her room. Jagannath gives a bouquet to Purvi.

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