Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 9th March 2022 Written Update: Jagannath blesses Purvi!


Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 9th March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Purvi saying I understand you selected your parents, what will I do staying here. Purvi leaves with Dolly while Babu is emotional. Purvi sees him from fat and goes. She comes home and is upset. Kusum is doing some work and Jagannath is reading newspaper. Kusum sees Purvi upset and asks what happened. Jagannath also sees worried. Purvi wipes her tears and run inside her room. Kusum and Jagannath watch surprised. Purvi cries in the room. Jagannath and Kusum discuss what might have happened to Purvi. Jagannath says maybe Babu didn’t give her flowers. Purvi is standing by the window and remembers all the toxic words of Babu’s mom. Purvi looks at herself in the mirror.

Jagannath calls for Purvi. Jagannath also calle Kusum. Jagannath comes with Viren and Kashi. Jagannath says I got something for Purvi. Kusum is surprised. Jagannath gives bouquet to Purvi. Purvi says for what? Kashi says for valentine’s day. Jagannath smiles. Kusum says see, not only Babu loves you, we all do. Purvi thanks Jagannath and smiles. Purvi says by the way, red roses are given on valentine’s. Kashi remembers how Purvi gave him one. Kusum laughs. Jagannath says so what? I gave something of our own country and is holy. Purvi says yes, it’s very nice thank you. Jagannath stops Purvi from going. Purvi comes to Jagannath. Jagannath blesses Purvi surprising Purvi and Kusum. Purvi gets emotional.

Jagannath says I also got something for Kusum. Kashi says yes see this. Kusum opens it and sees the red saree. She gets happy. Jagannath says you always wanted this. Kusum says yes. Kusum goes and wears the ref saree with Purvi’s help. Purvi says Jagannath loves you. Kusum says in our times we didn’t know what is love but this is what. Purvi says this is true love or else. Kusum says share with me, what happened? Purvi says nothing serious a small issue happened nothing like that. Kusum says don’t worry. Purvi asks Kusum why she wears same type of bangles, let me change. Kusum says your uncle doesn’t like so much. Purvi says today do it for me. Purvi makes Kusum ready. Purvi compliments Kusum about how beautiful she is looking. Kusum says you will look more beautiful in your marriage. Purvi remembers Babu’s mom’s comment. Purvi says you have glow of Jagannath’s love. Purvi remembers her and Babu’s moment. She takes Kusum outside. Purvi brings Kusum, Jagannath is mesmerized by Kusum. Jagannath stops eating seeing Kusum dolled up. Kusum blushes while Jagannath smiles. Viren and Kashi are surprised to see Kusum like this. Kusum starts to go inside when Purvi stops her. Purvi makes Kusum sit beside Jagannath. Purvi and Kashi make Jagannath and Kusum feed sweets to each other. Kashi records it while he adores Purvi. At night, Purvi gets nightmare due to all the criticism. Purvi calls Dolly and asks her to come to her. Dolly says I need to go to tution classes. Purvi says I am feeling anxious. Dolly cuts the call.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jagannath and Kusum discuss on who is head and neck of the family.

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