Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi Upcoming Story: Babu to escapes successful!


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Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi is a light hearted show. With Purvi now staying with Kusum and Jagannath, viewers are seeing Purvi making blunders everyday and getting scolded by Jagannath. It is awaited to watch how Purvi becomes more mature and understands Jagannath and Kusum.

In the current track, Jagannath scolds Purvi so she goes out to the ganga bank and cries. Kashi spots her and asks her. Purvi tells about the situation. Kashi brings Purvi back home. Kusum imagines Deepa and Alok as kids while Purvi comes to make her cheered up. Purvi and Babu meet and neighbour sees it and goes to Kusum. Jagannath and Kusum feel humiliated to listen to allegations due to Purvi. Jagannath scolds Purvi when she comes but she defends herself and says you did injustice wih Kusum. This makes Jagannath furious and Kusum cry. Later, Purvi eats all the homeopathy medicines which worries Kashi and Jagannath.

Jagannath asks Kusum to forget about the fight as he spoke ill as he was angry. Kusum and Jagannath worry seeing Purvi in pain. Kusum gets to know now that Purvi got her periods early so she asks Jagannath to bring hot water bag and sanitary napkin. Jagannath feels weird in the beginning but seeing Purvi in pain he becomes concerned. Babu will come to meet Purvi, hidingly so Purvi worries.

Baby comes to clean the room so Purvi sends her away. Later, Babu tries sneaking out of the house while Baby sees him and he dodges her, Babu also dodges Viren and Jagannath but makes Baby and Jagannath fall and get injured. Jagannath and Kusum get upset over Purvi for her this action.

In the upcoming episodes, Purvi will try to apologies to Jagannath and Kusum. Both of them will be upset and will taunt Purvi.

Will Jagannath and Kusum misunderstand Purvi? Will Purvi bring in hope for the old couple?

What is in store for Purvi and Babu? It will be interesting to watch.