Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi Upcoming Story: Jagannath to get a court notice!


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Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi is a light hearted show. Earlier we saw, Jagannath facing trouble in the government office, Purvi takes a stand for him and is praised by Jagannath. With, Viren dying and Jagnnath going into shock. It is awaited to watch how Purvi becomes more mature and understands Jagannath and Kusum.

In the current track, Viren tells Jagannath that he made his will and made him his account nominee. Later, Purvi and Kashi become partners. While Jagannath gets Viren’s pension so he goes to him but finds Viren dead. Jagannath remembers her time with Viren while all the rituals go on of Viren. He comes home and tells Kusum who gets shattered. Kusum pours water on Jagannath while he cries and asks kusum to promise him she won’t leave him. Kusum also cries.

Purvi also gets emotional so Kashi supports her. Later, Purvi and Kusum make Jagannath come to his normal version. Kashi goes on a business tour for 4 days so he hands over the responsibility to Purvi. Viren’s son come to Jagannath and Kusum, they blame Jagannath to have manipulated Viren on giving him his bank account ownership. Jagannath scolds them for looking for Viren’s money just after a day he has died. Viren’s son warns Jagannath to summon him in court for this.

At night, Jagannath gets a notice from court for doing fraud. Jagannath gets hyper and angry. Kusum tries to calm down, just then their neighbour come and shows them a newspaper article on Jagannath being the fraud. Jagannath feels his name is ruined now and he just wanted to fullfill Viren’s last wish. Jagannath falls unconscious. Purvi calls for ambulance and Jagannath is taken to hospital. Dr. Informs Kusum that Jagannath got heart attack.

In the upcoming episodes, Kusum will ask money for Jagannath’s operation from Alok but he will ask for few days.

Will Jagannath and Kusum get helped by Purvi? Will Purvi be able to make Kusum get money? What is in store for Purvi and Kashi? It will be interesting to watch.