Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi Upcoming Story: Jagannath to get a shocker!


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Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi is a light hearted show. With Purvi now staying with Kusum and Jagannath, viewers are seeing Purvi making blunders everyday and getting scolded by Jagannath. It is awaited to watch how Purvi becomes more mature and understands Jagannath and Kusum.

In the current track, Jagannath and Kusum get upset over Purvi for her this action. Purvi tries to apologies to Kusum and Jagannath. Badri suggests Purvi to show her stubbornness in working to Jagannath to convince him. Purvi does all household work while Jagannath throws challenges on her. Purvi decides to make food, Badri and Kashi help her. Kusum asks Jagannath to give money to Deepa making him upset.

Jagannath spots flaws in the food made by Purvi. Later at night, Jagannath eats the pulao hiding as he feels hungry. Purvi goes to meet Babu at Sachin’s place but she sees Badri and Kashi so she decides not to meet Babu. Jagannath faces disrespect about him being a retired officer. Jagannath gets shocked while Purvi looks on to what can be done. Viren takes Purvi to ganga bank and tells him about Jagannath and what kind of person he is. Purvi talks to the government officer and he comes to apologies to Jagannath. Jagannath who was feeling low, then feels pumped up.

Next day, Jagannath decides to break his FD for Esha not Deepa, Viren faces another issue when his pension is not credited to his account. Jagannath gets mistreated in the pension office which takes him by shock. Babu tries to convince his parents for the wedding but then leaves again. Purvi is upset with her mother not talking to her so Kusum calms her.

In the upcoming episodes, Purvi will go to the government office with Kashi to record the improper working there.

Will Jagannath and Kusum misunderstand Purvi? Will Purvi bring in hope for the old couple? What is in store for Purvi and Babu? It will be interesting to watch.