Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi Upcoming Story: Jagannath to help Viren!


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Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dostu Anokhi is Sony TV’s latest launch which has a unique concept. With Jagannath and Kusum shown as an old couple wanting to stay close to thier children, their children don’t want to stay connected with them. With, Purvi coming to thier lives, it will be interesting to watch what turn the show takes!

In the current track, Jagannath learns about Purvi’s truth. He is furious with her while Purvi goes to Babu’s shop. Jagannath questions Purvi and locks her room so that she can not elope and get married. Later, Purvi’s parents come and beat her. Jagannath takes a stand for Purvi and Purvi’s parents declare Purvi dead for them. Purvi becomes sad while Jagannath and Kusum relives the time with Deepa again.

Jagannath taunts Purvi about how Babu never asked her why she didn’t come to temple. Purvi questions Babu but Babu convinces her and diverts her. Babu takes Purvi to a friend’s flat and tries to get close to him. Jagannath learns that Kashi is so naive that he let tenants take advantage of him. Jagannath decides to to go to his one tenant who took his laptop. Babu tries to come close to Purvi when she pushes him away and worries seeing Babu upset. Babu’s friend saves Babu and Purvi before they can come infront of Jagannath.

Purvi gets upset with Babu as she thinks Babu is not serious for her. Babu takes Purvi to register for a court marriage but Purvi gets emotional thinking about her family. Babu comforts her. Here, Viren finds out someone took money out from his account and gets scolded by his son. Viren goes home sadly. Later, Kashi shows to Jagannath how Mohit took out the money.

In the upcoming episodes, Jagannath asks Purvi to leave.

Will Jagannath and Kusum misunderstand Purvi? Will Purvi bring in hope for the old couple?

What is in store for Purvi and Babu? It will be interesting to watch.