Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi Upcoming Story: Purvi to leave Jagannath and Kusum!


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Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi is seeing major drama with Alok doping Jagannath by keeping his house mortgaged, the truth get revealed to Jagannath and auction of the house begins. Kashi comes as a saviour and pays the amount due to Subodh, saving Jagannath’s house. With Jagnnath facing the challenge to repay Kashi, he decides to take a job for himself. It will be interesting to find out, how will things turn out for Jagannath in this new journey!

In the current track, Isha goes to meet Kashi and gives him hints about her liking him. At last, she confesses her lov which leaves Kashi shocked. Kashi doesn’t know how to react so Isha understands it was Purvi, whom Kashi liked. Isha cries and goes home. Kusum is talking to Deepa but hearing Isha sad. Deepa tells Kusum about Isha liking Kashi. Kusum and Deepa decide to hide the truth from Jagannath. Later, Kusum talks to Kashi and gets to know he likes Purvi despite the fact that she is pregnant.

Kusum tells Jagannath about all this and they hope Purvi says yes to Kashi. Isha is upset from Purvi. Isha says how she hit Purvi during the game as she was jealous of her and Kashi. Purvi tries to calm Isha and to add on Isha gets text from Kashi saying he wants to meet Purvi. Jagannath and Kusum try to give Purvi hint that she should accept Kashi’s offer but later when Kashi confesses his love, Purvi declines it calling it Sympathy from Kashi’s side. Kashi tries to justify himself but Purvi doesn’t agree. Kashi gets to know Purvi is declining his offer because she knows Isha likes him. Later, Deepa comes to meet Isha, but Isha decides to go and live with her dad. Isha calls Deepa to be a cheater in the marriage because of which Mayank left them.

Jagannath defends Deepa and scolds Isha but she still calls Mayank. Next day, Isha is excited to meet Mayank. Mayank comes and disappoints Isha by saying he can’t make Isha live with his new family. Isha gets upset. Mayank thinks Deepa made Isha call him due to money. Mayank starts giving money when Deepa gets angry and denies to take it at all. Mayank tells Deepa how she always wanted him to be like Jagannath. Jagannath gets shocked hearing this. Jagannath scolds Mayank when he starts acting all angry over Deepa.

Later, Jagannath clears all the distance between him and Deepa and encourages her to move on in life. Isha goes to meet Kashi to tell him bye as she and Deepa decide to move to Delhi again. Jagannath and Kusum get emotional seeing Deepa and Isha leave. Later, Kusum asks Jagannath to forgive Alok but he denies. Kusum tells Purvi about Jagannath’s bitter relationship with his dad and how history is repeating. Purvi decides to make Jagannath feel important from his dad’s eyes. Purvi makes Kusum write a note on Jagannath’s dad’s behalf. Later, Jagannath finds the letter and understands it’s Kusum.

Jagannath appreciates Kusum and Purvi to think so much for him. Jagannath also forgives Alok and patches up with him. Here, Purvi gets her mother’s calls but she ignores it. Then, Purvi gets to know her dad is no more and her mother wants Purvi to stay with her somewhere far. Purvi gets emotional and shares her worry with Kusum.

In the upcoming episodes, Purvi’s mother will come to Banaras. Purvi will inform Jagannath about her dad.

Will Jagannath be able to get a job? Will Purvi be able to help Jagannath and Kusum ?

What is in store for Purvi and Kashi? It will be interesting to watch.