Jhanak 15th December 2023 Written Update: Jhanak is asked to join the party

Jhanak 15th December 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with the conversation of Arshi and Shristi. They discuss about the matter of Anirudh and Jhanak. Shristi, the mother of Arshi, doesn’t want Jhanak in that house, because she knows very well that Jhanak will be the cause of the upcoming danger. If she remains in the house for longer days, it will cause danger. Vinayak couldn’t understand why Shristi is playing this game with Jhanak when she has become orphan. Shristi emphatically asks Arshi to eradicate Jhanak from the family, Arshi requests not to do anything in haste, otherwise Anirudh will be mad on her.

In the house of Anirudha, they all discuss about various things in the breakfast table. The mother of Apu arrange the things in the breakfast table and Jhanak helps them in various way. Jhanak is ordered many things to follow, she is also being treated as a maid of the house. Though, she feels bad, but she follows every words of the family members. Jhanak is asked to run on the roof to collect the dried clothes. But she notices that the all the clothes are not completely dried properly, she again hangs them to dery. On the other hand, Aniruddh gets ready for the office and calls Arshi. They share a romantic conversation between them.

Anirudh fathoms the affect his mean behaviour of him towards Jhanak and decides to apologize to her. But when he utters for his apology, Jhanak also doesn’t remain silent. She emphatically introduces her new identity the servant. Though she has been bearing the insult of these family members, but she also follows the orders the family members like a mad. Jhanak forbids him to say sorry to her, as it’s not right to say sorry to a maid. Anirudh feels bad for her.

Chhoton gives a treat to all the younger members due to the success of his job. They all happily plan to go to the chaina town in the evening, they also include Anirudh and Arshi in the short evening plan. Though, Arshi has another plan, but Vishakha insists Arshi to join with them. After a while, Anirudh starts to cough, Jhanak immediately proceeds to give her the glass of water, but she is insulted by the evils and is asked to stay in her limitation.

In the room of Apu, Jhanak is asked to make ready Apu in a perfect way. But Jhanak doesn’t want to go there, but Apu insists Jhanak to go with them in the party. But Jhanak knows very well what will be the consequences if she goes in the party.

Episode ends.

Precap: other family members of Anirudh are not ready to accept that Jhanak will go with them into the party but Apu, Anirudh and Chhoton will insist her to join them. Attending the gathering, Jhanak will fail to follow the table etiquette and will destroy the shirt of Anirudh with the fallen foods and will get embarrassed.

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