Jubilee Talkies 10th July 2024 Written Update: Tara refuses AG’s request

Jubilee Talkies 10th July 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Sandy introducing Shivangi to set staff as AG’s PA. Sandy says to Shivangi what AG likes and what she has to do and introduces AG’s staff to Shivangi. Sandy asks Shivangi to tell him what she said. Shivangi tells him everything what he said. Sandy later gives free advice to Shivangi. Sandy asks Shivangi to stay away from AG and stay out of frame and not do anything and says it will be good for her. Shivangi doesn’t heed Sandy’s advice. Shivangi sees AG’s vanity van is really simple. Shivangi decides to decorate the vanity van of AG and says to Bobby about it. Bobby and Shivangi decorate the vanity van together.

Sandy gets shocked seeing the vanity van decoration and he has hiccups. AG comes to the set. Sandy hides from AG.

AG calls for Sandy but he doesn’t come forward. Raju says to Sandy that AG is calling him. Sandy says he will go infront of AG when the time is right. Shivangi comes infront of AG with an umbrella. AG asks Shivangi what is she doing here. AG and Shivangi get stuck under the umbrella as the umbrella closes. Shivangi tries to open the umbrella but it doesn’t open. AG stops Shivangi and he opens the umbrella. AG asks Shivangi what is she doing here. Shivangi says she is reporting for duty on the first day. AG hearing it calls for Sandy.

AG comes to Sandy and asks Sandy what is Shivangi doing on his set. Sandy says to AG that Tara is the one who appointed Shivangi as his PA. AG hearing it goes to Tara.

Tara is shown to be in an art gallery. AG comes to meet Tara. AG says to Tara that he doesn’t like Shivangi and she can’t keep her in his team. Tara gives an example and says to AG that she is responsible for him being a legend and says Shivangi isn’t going anywhere and asks AG to get habituated to it.

Some reporters come to meet AG to the set for an interview but he isn’t anywhere in the set. The reporters ask AG’s team where is AG. Toto a member of AG’s team asks Shivangi to tell the reporters where is AG. Shivangi talks to the reporters and asks them to wait in AG’s vanity van. Sandy stops the reporters and asks them to wait outside.

Sandy asks Shivangi what was she trying to do and says AG doesn’t like anyone being near his vanity van and asks Shivangi to never do it again. Shivangi comments on it. AG comes to set.

Episode ends.

Precap:- AG decides to teach a lesson to Shivangi.

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