Junooniyatt 10th March 2023 Written Update: Jahan smells Jordan’s plan


The episode starts with Jordan saying to Jahan, let’s leave their feud and become friends today. Jordan dances there. Jahan dances with him. Ranjith was waiting for a chance to record Ilahi’s video. Ilahi thinks that she shouldn’t do anything, which makes Biji angry. Ginni notices Biji is happy. Ilahi dances with Jahan and Jordan. Ranjith dreams of dancing with Ilahi. He sends Ilahi’s dancing video to Ginni. She thinks that Ilahi is going to marry Ranjith. Husna says that Jahan and Jordan look hot. Ginni shows Ilahi’s dancing video to Biji. Biji fumes after seeing the video and asks Happy to accompany her.

Husna says to Ilahi that she is aware that she was worrying about yesterday’s incident. But everyone is surrounding her, so nothing there is to worry about. Husna notices the Bhang and thinks that she is aware of how to make her dance. Jordan asks his friend to arrange for students to throw tomatoes and eggs at Jahan. He had to return to Canada after he faced the humiliation. Husna takes Bhang. Ilahi meets Sargun. She asks Ilahi to dance and enjoy the celebration. Amardeep asks Biji where she is going? She informs him that she is going to Ilahi’s college. She shows the video to him. She says that this is what she is doing in at the college. Amardeep gets angry after seeing the video. Biji says that she promised her not to commit any mistake. Husna makes Ilahi drink the Bhang.

Sargun and Kunal give a dance performance. They share happy Holi with them. They promoted their new movie. They announced the Great Indian voice competition. He asks them to raise their hands and those who are interested in participating in it. Jahan, Jordan and Ilahi raise their hands. They are excited to see the poster of the Great Indian voice competition. Later, Sargun dances with Jahan and Jordan. Husna asks Ilahi to dance with them. Sargun and Kunal leave from there. Jahan admires Ilahi. Ilahi feels dizzy. Jordan announces about the Holi performance. Jordan asks the students to welcome the participant grandly. They shouldn’t forget the welcome. Jordan arranges everything to insult Jahan in front of everyone. Ilahi wishes him all the best. Jahan received a video call from Canada. His father informs Jahan that his mom has fallen sick. Jahan worries about Dolly’s health. His father asks uncle not to reveal the truth to him that they are staying in his house. Jahan feels upset after thinking about his mom’s health. Jordan doubts Jahan may smell his plan when he doesn’t appear on time.

The anchor announces Jahan’s name . She asked him to come on the stage. Ilahi searches for him. Jahan’s dad asks him to concentrate on stage. Ilahi says that if Jahan didn’t perform on stage then she will perform instead of him. Jahan is her friend. Husna thinks that she shouldn’t have given the bhang to her. She felt relieved when she realized that they were at the college. Jahan gets emotional after seeing his mom’s condition. The anchor says that it seems Jahan is a loser. Ilahi says that Jahan isn’t a loser. He will fulfill his commitment. She would do it instead of him. Everyone tries to throw eggs at Ilahi, but Jordan stops them. Jahan smells his plan.

Episode ends

Precap; Ilahi will sing in front of everyone. Jahan will save her in the nick of time. Ranjith will go on stage to cover their video. Ranjith will be filled with dirty water. Jahan will fight with Jordan.