Junooniyatt 13th March 2023 Written Update: Jahan fights with Jordan


Junooniyatt 13th March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with the students shouting at Jahan as a loser. Ilahi enters the stage and says to them that Jahan isn’t a loser. He will complete his performance. Jordan stops the students from throwing tomatoes at Ilahi. Jahan heard Jordan’s friends’ conversation. Ilahi sings on the stage.

Ranjith is recording the video. Jordan’s friends decided to leave the rope. Jahan and Jordan notice it and rush near Ilahi to save her. Jahan pushes her from the stage. Ranjith goes near them to record their video but the dirty water falls on him. Ilahi and the students laugh at Ranjith. He decided to take revenge on her for it.

Jahan fights with Jordan in anger. Ilahi wondered why they were fighting with each other? Husna stops her from interfering with them. Meanwhile, Biji and her family members arrive there. Students demand Jordan’s friends not to interrupt their fight.

Biji hears that they are fighting for Ilahi. Ginni says that Ilahi played Holi, sang a song and two guys were fighting for her. Ilahi rushes to save Jahan when he gets hurt. Biji demands Amardeep to take his daughters from there.

Amardeep says that there may be a misunderstanding. Biji says that if he is not able to control his wife, then how will he stop his daughter? Husna says that it’s her fault. Amardeep takes Ilahi from there.

Ginni shows thumps to Ranjith. Ranjith thinks that Ilahi made a mistake. Now nobody is able to stop him getting married to her. Husna says to Jahan that Ilahi is stuck in this mess because of them.

Biji warns her that she will get her married if she commits a small mistake. Because of them, she is going to get married in two days. She fears whether Biji will allow her to go out or not. Ilahi says to Amardeep that she didn’t make any mistakes. He leaves her hand.

Meanwhile, Ilahi reaches home and regrets her mistakes. Husna reaches there. Ilahi hugs her and says that everything is over. Biji is going to stop her attending college. She isn’t able to bring back her mom and sister. She asks her to save her. Husna asks her to believe in god. Husna takes Ilahi inside the house.

Husna says to them that whatever they saw is not the truth. It’s a misunderstanding. Biji says that it’s her family’s matter. She won’t allow outsiders to poke her head into the matter. Ginni demands her to leave from there or else she will inform her mom about it.

Husna apologizes to Ilahi and leaves. Ginni says that she is like her mom. She is going to college to enjoy it with boys. She shows her video to Ilahi. Ilahi thinks who sent this video to Biji? Meanwhile, Ranjith is celebrating Holi with Shabnam and Maan. Maan asks him why he is so happy today?

Ranjith asks them to get ready for his wedding to Ilahi. Ginni asks Biji to arrange Ilahi’s wedding asap or else she will do something else. Amardeep asks Ginni to have some shame. Ginni says that he wants to take this class with his daughter. She doesn’t have shame of dancing with boys.

Biji says to Ilahi that she proved today that she is her mom’s daughter. Whatever she teaches her and raises her in good manners, dirty blood shows its true colors. Ginni asks Biji. Should she contact Maan?

Biji asks her to talk with them and arrange a wedding in two days. Amardeep and Ilahi are disappointed to hear it. Biji throws Ilahi’s favourite sweets. Ilahi recalls her mistakes and regrets.

Episode end

Precap; Biji will announce Ilahi’s wedding to everyone. Jordan and Jahan will hear it. Biji will invite everyone to attend this wedding.