Junooniyatt 16th March 2023 Written Update: Ilahi reveals the truth to Biji


Junooniyatt 16th March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Shabnam asking Biji what happened to Ilahi? Does she get well asap? Tomorrow is her wedding. Biji assures him. Shabnam asks Ranjith to leave but he pretends that he won’t go, leaving Ilahi behind. Biji assures him that she will take care of Ilahi. She will inform him if she gets well. Shabnam appreciates his acting. Ranjith is shocked to find his wife there. She gets agitated facing him. He says that he is happy that she has fear of him. She says to him that she learns that he is going to ruin another’s life. Remind that they aren’t divorced yet. She won’t allow him to ruin another girl’s life. Ranjith says that she isn’t scared of him anymore. He hurt her. His parents ask him to leave her. Later, Ilahi gains consciousness. She recalls her engagement with Ranjith. She tries to remove her engagement ring. She thinks that he was the one who tried to molest her. She tries to contact someone but Ginni took her phone from her. Ilahi tries to get Amardeep’s help. She had lost her last hope. Shikam bites Ranjith’s hand. She throws bricks at them. She shouted for help. Neighbours rush there. Ranjith tells a story that she loves him. She is creating a scene when he refuses her proposal. He threatened her that her brother was staying in Canada. He threatens to kill him.

Ilahi hugs Biji and tries to inform her about Ranjith. But Ginni stops her. Ginni demands Ilahi to say clearly what she is trying to say? Ilahi says to Biji that she felt someone had followed her behind two days before. Someone misbehaved with her. She can’t forget that smell. She recognised him. He was none other than Ranjith. Ranjith isn’t a good person. Ginni says that she is creating a good story to stop this wedding. She is lying. Ilahi says that she isn’t lying to her. She can’t forget that smell. Ginni asks her. Did she see his face? Ilahi says that it was dark so she couldn’t see his face. Ginni asks her then why didn’t she inform them on that day? Ilahi says that she was scared. Ginni and Happy manipulate Biji. She asks Ilahi then why she danced with two guys on the stage. She is trying to stop this wedding for them. Ilahi denies it. She informs Biji that she scratched his hand on that day. She asks him to check his hand. Ginni takes her from there forcefully.

Jordan checks the Holi celebration footage and finds Ranjith, who recorded the video. He plans to do something. Jahan notices the decorations. He thinks about how he will contact Ilahi. Ranjith locks his wife inside the room and warns his parents not to release her until he marries Ilahi. Jordan asks Varun to give him a private detective’s number. He warns him not to create any problems. Jordan assures him that he won’t do anything wrong. He takes the number and leaves. Jahan pretends to deliver the pizza to Ilahi’s house to meet Ilahi. Ginni takes the order. He asks her to give her water to divert her. Ginni kicks him out of the house. Jahan doubts how he will contact Ilahi. Happy offers another alcohol bottle for Amardeep. Biji recalls Ilahi’s words. Ginni bought clothes for Ilahi. Biji says to her that Ilahi isn’t happy with this wedding. Ginni thinks that this wedding will definitely take place. Later, Ilahi recalls Biji’s warning. She shares with her mom that she doesn’t want to get married.

Episode end

Precap; Ilahi will pray to God to save her from this situation. She will notice the lights in her room. She will be surprised to see Jahan outside. He will apologize to her and promise her to save Ilahi from this situation.

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