Junooniyatt 18th September 2023 Written Update: Jordan cancelled the deal

Junooniyatt 18th September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Ilahi giving a surprise birthday cake to Jordan. He feels happy. Ilahi tells him that her father used to advise her to forgive a person on their birthday. He asks her how she knew about his birthday? She says that she noticed his birthday date on the divorce papers. Jordan says that he doesn’t need her concern. Ilahi says to him that no one remembered his birthday day. His biggest supporter, Mahi, forgot his birthday. Jordan recalls the way Mahi scolded him for giving importance to Ilahi. He made everyone hate him for Ilahi. He made many mistakes for her. Jordan blows off the candle and shouts that Ilahi and Jahan shouldn’t unite. They might get separated. Jordan says that it’s his birthday wish. He asks her to give him a birthday gift. Ilahi says that he doesn’t deserve anyone in his life to take care of him. She leaves from there. Jordan cuts the cake. He applied the cake to his face. He thinks that Ilahi is so special to him. No one is able to separate him from Ilahi. She is his. Later, Jahan is on the way to the studio. Jordan tries to hit his car. Jahan asks him what he wants? Jordan says that Sultan’s deal was cancelled. His divorce with Ilahi is also cancelled. He tears the divorce papers. Jordan says that he doesn’t care whatever happens to his mom. He just needs Ilahi in his life.

Jahan asks him if he is making fun of him? He brought this deal to him. Jahan asks him to imagine the money and fame he gets through it. He asks him to think about it. Jordan says that he needed that too. But he can’t see Ilahi with him. Jordan vented out his frustration to Jahan. He says that he wants to get fame to get a place in Ilahi’s heart. Jahan was in her heart. Jahan tries to convince him. Jordan says that Ilahi is his wife. She was his wife. He won’t give her divorce. He can’t allow her to come from his life. He needs her. He asks his wedding photo to Jahan. He says that she is his wife. Jahan says to him that she doesn’t love him. She hates him. He asks him to free her. He asks him to take the Sultan’s identity instead. Jahan requests him to stop there. Jordan leaves from there. Jahan fears that Jordan may reveal the truth to Dolly. Jordan returns home. Jordan decided to reveal the truth to Dolly. But Dolly takes him inside.

Jordan is surprised to see the birthday surprise there. She wishes a happy birthday to him. Ilahi says that she planned it all. Dolly tells him that she helped her with it. She prepared his favourite chocolate cake. Dolly says that Ilahi said it to her. Everyone forgot his birthday but Ilahi reminded them. Jordan recalls his mom’s warning. He says to Ilahi that she still cares for him. She asks him not to dream a lot. Jordan thinks that she is his. Jahan rushes back home. Jordan thinks that he is going to give a surprise to Dolly at this party. Jahan notices that Dolly is happy and understands that Jordan hasn’t said anything to her yet. Dolly says to Jahan that today is Jordan’s birthday. She asks him to wish him. Jahan says to Mahi that he wants to talk with her alone. Jahan informs Mahi that Jordan cancelled the deal of becoming a Sultan. He just needs Ilahi. I’m his life. He would only listen to Mahi. He won’t stay quiet if he messes with his mom. Ilahi comes there. He fears that she may hear everything.

Mahi lashes out at Jordan for cancelling the deal. He says to her that she wanted to show off that she raised her son as a rock star. He is not a child. He decided what he wanted in his life. Later, Ilahi asks Jahan why he is looking nervous? What was he discussing with Mahi? Jahan tells her that Jordan is going to reveal the truth to Dolly. We have to think of a way to stop him. Mahi assures Jordan to reveal the truth to Dolly once he becomes a Sultan. Jordan. She says that she is a good actress. He doesn’t want to become a Sultan. He needs Ilahi. He shows a pendrive to her and says it’s a nuclear bomb. It will ruin the party.

Episode end

Precap; Jordan reveals the truth to Dolly.

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