Junooniyatt 28th February 2023 Written Update: Jahan and Ilahi’s face off


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The episode starts with Amardeep asking Ilahi to believe him. He will fulfill Ilahi’s dreams. She tells him that she believes him. Meanwhile, neighbours visit Biji’s house to invite them to attend the function. Husna’s mom asks Biji to send Ilahi with her to help Husna at the functions. Ginni asks Biji not to send her out. But she sends Ilahi with them. Meanwhile, Varun’s finance parents visit Mehtha’s house and give sweets to them. They wish to meet Jordan. Mehtha asks Mahi to take him there. Jordan is breaking things in anger while recalling Ilahi’s words. Mahi asks him what he is hiding from her? Something is bothering him. If he isn’t interested, then share it with her later. She asks him to meet Varun’s fiance. They are here to give an invitation card to them. Jordan refuses to meet them.

Ilahi visits Husna’s house. Husna and Ilahi dance together. Jahan comes out hearing the sound. He notices a girl dancing there but he can’t see her face. Dharmendar calls him, so he leaves from there. Mehtha is dancing with her relatives. He notices Jordan walking away from there. Rosy’s mom inquired her. Isn’t he happy with her alliance? She tells her that he was a moody type. Meanwhile, Ilahi wishes to meet Dharmendar. Jahan is preparing tea in the kitchen. Ilahi comes there and notices him there. She thinks Dharmendra is preparing tea. She loses her balance but Jahan holds her on time. The curtains don’t reveal each other’s faces. Ilahi understands he is a new tenant. Ilahi runs away from there before he notices her. Jahan searches for her.

Meanwhile, Jordan’s friends are discussing Ilahi. Mehtha asks them what happened in the college. They informed her that Ilahi made fun of Jordan’s music. He was upset after hearing it. Mehtha asks them why didn’t they do anything against her? They were his friends though they were acting like that. She demands them to find him asap. Mahi thinks that she troubled her son a lot. Meanwhile, Husna is excited after hearing Ilahi collided with a new tenant. She says that Ilahi is lucky because she locked up with a handsome guy. Another one singing for her. Ilahi asks her to stop discussing the guy. Biji will create problems if she hears it.

Ginni says to Biji that they were discussing a gent. Who is it? Husna says that she was discussing about the groom’s family. Ginni is always listening to half the conversation. Ilahi asks her where she is going. Biji tells her that she warned her many times that she shouldn’t ask her where she was going. Biji excuses her and leaves from there. Amardeep overheard Ginni and Biji’s conversation. Meanwhile, Jordan says to his friends that Ilahi doesn’t know anything about him and his music. Though she took class to him. His friend mocks at him and provokes him. Jordan fights with his friends. He says that he was mad at her because she wasn’t giving heed to his background and his music. He provokes Jordan against Ilahi. Ilahi cuts his hand and his friend’s hand. He swears to him that Ilahi will become crazy about him. He will make her fall for him. Jahan plays the harmonium. Ilahi hears the music and searches for the person. Ilahi inquires the strangers about him and follows Jahan behind. Jahan sings happily. Ilahi sings along with him. Both are searching for each other. Finally, they find each other.

Episode end

Precap: Jahan and Ilahi will practice the song on the terrace. Ilahi will share her passion with him. Meanwhile, Jordan will visit Ilahi’s house. Ilahi will be shocked to find him there.

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