Junooniyatt 30th October 2023 Written Update: Jordan suspects Ilahi

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The episode starts with Ilahi asking Jahan to allow her to stay in his room. He asked her to stay in that room. He would shift to the guest room. Ilahi asks him to stop joking. They have to stay in the same house. We are married. She needed a chance to prove herself to him. He had to give her one last chance. Seerat calls Jahan and says that Dolly asked her to keep a Karwa chauth fasting. Ilahi asks Jahan to buy her pooja things. Ilahi says to him that tomorrow is Karwa chauth fasting. She has the right to do it. Meanwhile, Seerat is excited about keeping fasting. Ilahi uses the voice-changing app to talk with Seerat. She got Tina’s help to talk like that. Ilahi threatens her to reveal the truth. She demands her to give 20 lakhs to her to hide her truth. She says that she doesn’t know what she is saying. Ilahi narrates to her whatever happened on that day. She has evidence against her. She will expose her using it. Seerat is shocked and disconnects the call. Tina asks Ilahi if she is sure Seerat will fall into her trap? She says that they will do something wrong in tension. They can’t track our calls using this device. We have to hide this device from them.

Seerat meets Jordan and tells him that someone saw them trying to kill Ilahi. Jordan says that it may be Ilahi’s plan. Seerat asks him what someone saw them. He is demanding 20 lakhs from them. Let’s give 10 lakhs each and solve this issue. Jordan says that he will track the number. Seerat says that she tried it but it was no use. Jordan shares his plan with her. Meanwhile, Ilahi is decorating her room. Jahan comes there and helps her to apply ointment to her wound. She thinks that he still loves her. He is about to leave but she stops him. She asks him to sleep on the bed. Both are arguing over it. Both lost in their thoughts. She asks him to give her three days’ time for her to prove her innocence. She admits that she was wrong. She needs time to prove it. She swears in their love. Jahan asks her to remove the decorations. He sleeps on the bed. Ilahi thinks that she wants to see how many days he is going to ignore her.

Dolly took Bebe’s blessing. Tina says to Bebe that she forgot to place the vermillion in the thaali. She says that she will take it again. Ilahi says that Vermillion is in her hand. She says to Seerat it’s her right to keep karwa chauth fasting. Seerat says that she was also fasting. Ilahi says that if she keeps fasting, then her husband becomes hers. She leaves from there. Later, Ilahi collides with Jahan. She gives tea to him. He admires her filling her hairline with a vermillion. She says poetry to him. Meanwhile, Ilahi prays to god to help her to prove her innocence. Jordan comes there to provoke her. Ilahi says that she understood his love for her when he pushed her off the river and tried to kill her. She isn’t the old Ilahi who is scared of him. She vows to expose him. She would make sure to destroy his life. Jordan says that his ex-wife is getting angry. If he doesn’t get her, then he won’t allow anyone to get her. Later, Karwa chauth rituals start there. Tina asks everyone to dance.

Ilahi excuses everyone and takes the device to call Seerat. Seerat is shocked to see the blackmailer’s call. Seerat shows the blackmailer call Jordan. She attends the call in front of him. Ilahi says to her that she said to her that she had evidence against her. She had already sent it to her house. Maybe it will reach Jahan’s hand. Seerat asks him to save her.

Episode end

Precap; Ilahi saves Jahan

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