Junooniyatt 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Mahi advises to Jordan


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The episode starts with Ilahi requesting Jahan and Jordan not to create any scenes at her best friend’s sister’s wedding. Jahan says to her they won’t feel troubled if he sings. Jordan and Jahan sing and dance together. Husna joins them when Ilahi avoids them. Jahan takes Ilahi from there. He tries to convince her. He apologizes to her for hurting her. He tells her that music is important to him. He shouldn’t have hurt her. He assures her to help her. He reminds her that this great Indian voice competition is important to him. Music is his junoon. Ilahi tells him that she is aware of it. Because it’s equally important to her. He assures her to practice with her in college. Jordan notices them shaking their hands with each other and smirks. Ilahi tells him, let’s pursue our dreams together. Jordan thinks that he won’t allow them to win it. He will definitely ruin his dream because this competition is very important to him.

Ilahi returns home and notices her father sleeping. She makes him sleep properly. She hears him blabbering in her sleep. She promises him to bring back his happiness by winning this competition. He will bring back her mom and sister. After she returns, music sounds will hear here. She recalls her past. Diljhot asked Ilahi to get ready. Let’s leave. Ilahi refuses to go with her, leaving Amardeep behind. She advises her, but Ilahi is determined not to leave her father. Diljhot tells her that she wanted to stay with her father, so stay with him as she wished. Diljhot tells her that no one is able to stop her. If she stays here, then her future will be a question mark. She promises her to return home when she has achieved something in music. Ilahi is determined to bring back her mom.

Later, Ilahi cooks Lucky’s favourite food. He informs her that he has to leave today. Biji returns home after visiting Gurudwara. Biji feels happy to see Ilahi taking care of household chores. Happy complaints to her that his favourite kurths was filled with colors. Ginni informs Biji that her neighbour gave kheer to them. Ginni intentionally drops the kheer. Ilahi cleans it. She recalls the way Diljhot prepared kheer for her. Ginni says that she wasn’t lucky to eat this kheer today. Amardeep notices this and feels guilty. He shares his grief with Ilahi. She consoles him. He asks her who she is? He tells her that she was giving both his mom and daughter love to him. Meanwhile, Jordan recalls Ilahi and Jahan’s moments. He thinks that he will make sure that Ilahi mentions Junoon’s. another name is Jordan. Mahi dressed Jordan’s wound. Jordan stops her from hurting herself. He asks her why she is hurting herself? She tells him that she was trying to make him understand the situation. She asks him to show his true self to them. He doesn’t need to become a friend of theirs. She advises him to show himself he is a challenger. Later, Amardeep says to Biji that he won’t allow anyone to trouble his daughter. Ilahi waits for Jahan and is happy to meet him in the bus stand. She tells him that she thought he wouldn’t come if he was late. Jahan tells her that he assured her to practice music with them and how he will break his promise.

Episode end

Precap; The groom will inform Ginni that his wedding with Ilahi has been called off. Ginni will tell him that he has one more chance. Biji warns him that she will perform Ilahi’s wedding in a week if she sings or makes any mistake. The groom will be determined to find Ilahi’s mistakes. Later, Amardeep will threaten Biji to kill himself if they force Ilahi to marry.

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