Kaamna 14th January 2022 Written Update: Akanksha acts insensitive


Kaamna 14th January 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Yadhu and his friend getting down from school bus. His friends mother picks him and leaves while Yadhu walks by himself to home to find it locked. He waits outside hungry and survives with the left over snacks and water. Neighbourhood lady finds him outside and asks about it. Yadhu says about his mother not present at home. She offers to call his mother and Yadhu says her the number. She calls Akanksha. Akanksha notices the call but she doesn’t pick it seeing unknown number.

Yadhu is sleeping outside in cold. Maya finds the crushed bottle by Vaibhav and offers her help to get Akanksha. Vaibhav at first refuses saying that his intentions were pure but the join hands with her when she promised to keep everything covered. Manav comes back home and buys balloon on the way for Yadhu. He gets shocked seeing Yadhu sleeping outside shivering and got shocked. He rushes to him and gets angry seeing door locked. He unlocks the door and makes him lie in sofa. He pulls a comforter on him while Yadhu says he’s hungry. He gets cookies for him. Akanksha comes rushing abs apologies Yadhu for her negligence. She rushes to order food for him. Yadhu holds no grudges against her.

Manav tries confront Akanksha but she paid no heed. She instead asks why didn’t Yadhu call him or anybody else if she didn’t pick the call. Manav asks her not to put her blame on others when she’s at fault. He reminds her that Yadhu doesn’t remember anyone’s number other than her. Akanksha then blames the school for being careless. Food delivery arrives and Manav collects it. Akanksha says she already paid online.

Manav gets the food and Akanksha gives it to Yadhu. Manav is still angry st her. He finds Yadhu’s marks fallen and asks about it. He says about it Akanksha when Akanksha suggests for a caretaker. She again blames school for Yadhu’s performance. Manav is not OK with the idea and instead asks her to bring her mother to take care of Yadhu but Akanksha is against it. She says she has issues with her mother. Manav finds Vaibhav calling Akanksha at late night and got furious. Akanksha reasons that he’s a busy person but Manav is not convinced.

Precap : Vaibhav will fight with Akanksha’s Co star as he will behave inappropriate with her. Akanksha will get angry when Yadhu picks Vaibhav’s call and will slap him in fury. Manav will shout at Akanksha for her behaviour.

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