Kaamna Upcoming Story: Akanksha will agree to get intimate with Vaibhav.


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Sony TV’s newly launched show “Kaamna” currently deals with Akanksha trying to take Yadhu from Manav. Earlier its seen that Sakshi’s mother insulted Yadhu and Manav. Now it will be seen that Yadhu will invite Sakshi to his home.

Previously we have seen that, Sakshi learnt from Principal that Vaibhav used his status to terminate her from job. Her mother in law struggled to breathe hearing the news and Sakshi left to get her medicine. In the meantime, Manav and Yadhu visited the house and her mother in law lashed out at them and warned them to stay away from Sakshi. They left and Manav advised Yadhu to maintain distance with Sakshi.

They reached home and Yadhu heard neighbours mocking Manav for being not man enough to keep hold of his wife. Akanksha celebrated Sakshi’s termination with Vaibhav and got romantic with him. Sakshi returned home and called ambulance with Principal’s help. Sakshi got another shock when Quarters people asked her to vacate the place immediately the next day.

Sakshi felt helpless. Akanksha and Vaibhav watched it all through CCTV and enjoyed her misery. Akanksha was thankful to Vaibhav. Yadhu shared with Manav about neighbours talk and Manav advised him that real men are those who respect women. He advised him to move forward in life without listening to strangers talk.

In the future episodes we will witness, Yadhu will stand in rain demanding Sakshi to come to home with them and will refuse to budge when she refuses. Akanksha will celebrate her first night with Vaibhav.

Will Akanksha snatch Yadhu from Manav? Will Sakshi get her job back?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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