Kaamna Upcoming Story: Manav to be proud of Yadhu.


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Sony TV’s newly launched show “Kaamna” currently deals with Akanksha trying to take Yadhu from Manav. Earlier its seen that Akanksha and Manav got equal votes. Now it will be seen that Ayesha will warn Akanksha.

Previously we have seen that, Vaibhav spoke against Manav in board meeting and turned the members against Manav. Mr. Kholkar gave Manav a chance to put his points down. Ayesha and Yadhu were listening hiding. Manav stated about how much Yadhu suffered when Akanksha suddenly disappeared and his mental condition. The voting began and both Akanksha and Manav got 4 votes each. Much to the shock of Vaibhav, Mr. Kholkar votes in the favour of Manav. Vaibhav called out the decision unfair when Mr. Kholkar warned him to not forget his chairman position.

He played the CCTV video of Yadhu running away seeing Akanksha in school and stated points in the favour of Manav. Another voting was held after the video and everyone voted for Manav. Manav won the sole guardianship. Ayesha and Yadhu got happy and Ayesha informed it to Sakshi. Sakshi thanked God.

In the future episodes we will witness, Mr. Kholkar will say Manav that he inspired him how to protect his child. Manav will say that it’s Yadhu who made him learn so much things and be strong in life. Ayesha will insult Akanksha warning her to never wear saree again.

What will be Akanksha’s next move? Will Akanksha let go off troubling Yadhu and Manav?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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