Kaamnaa 12th July 2022 Written Update: Manav gets arrested.


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The episode starts with Akanksha mocking Manav.

Some time before,

Manav takes Akanksha to hospital when Inspector comes there. Inspector scolds them for not informing them after accident. Manav says he didn’t rash drive but she fell in front of his car. Inspector asks if he is drunk but Manav says he don’t have the habit. Inspector wants to take Manav in custody and Manav pleads him to let him consult with doctor once. Inspector says police is there for it and takes away Manav with him. Sakshi and Yadhu enquires Doctor about Akanksha who says her condition is critical due to blood loss.

Manav is in jail when Inspector enquires him about the accident. Vaibhav calls Inspector and changes his voice. He says that Manav didn’t do accident and says he tried killing his ex wife. Inspector gets shocked hearing it. Sakshi tried consoling Yadhu but Yadhu doesn’t say a word. Sakshi is worried for Akanksha and prays God. Holkar comes to meet Manav in jail and Manav explains to him about Akanksha falling in front of the car. Holkar says that he can understand but Inspector has filed attempt to murder complaint on him. Manav got shocked and shouts at Inspector but he taunts him. Holkar assures him that he will take care of everything.

Niharika is with Sakshi and Niharika is sure that Akanksha is doing it all with her own will so that Manav doesn’t marry Sakshi. Sakshi is worried about Yadhu who didn’t speak a word and keeps looking at Akanksha from the time of the accident. Niharika consoles her. Swati comes there and Doctor says there’s improvement in her condition. Sakshi thanks God. Inspector is with Manav who mocks Akanksha for running away with another man. He uses derogatory words for her and Manav asks him not badmouth any woman.

He fights with the inspector who also lashes out at Manav. He leaves angry at Manav saying that only his wife’s statement can save him. Manav says that Akanksha is doing everything to get revenge on him. He asks Akanksha any does she have so much hate for him. Akanksha comes there and taunts Manav saying that there’s no way he could escape and says only her statement would save him. She asks him to choose between her and Sakshi. It all turns out to be his dream. Manav shouts in frustration.

Precap : Doctor will say that it’s difficult to save Akanksha. Vaibhav will strangulate a sleeping Niharika.

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