Kaamnaa 13th May 2022 Written Update: Akanksha troubles Manav.


Kaamnaa 13th May 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Manav saying Yadhu that Akanksha would come to meet him that day and also assures that he would be with him. Yadhu doesn’t like it and accuses Manav for sending away Sakshi for bringing the unwanted people home. Manav says it’s not true but Yadhu is still upset. Sakshi recalls her conversation with Manav and decides to move on in her life forgetting about Yadhu and Manav. Malti says about speaking with Manav to convinced that she her for her second marriage as she doesn’t listen to him. Sakshi agrees for second marriage.

Manav lashes out at Neha for scheduling meeting without informing him. Neha pretends like she made it by mistake. Manav scolds her as he can’t be with Yadhu when Akanksha is there to meet him. Holkar asks Neha to find a solution and she agrees and leaves. She calls Vaibhav and passes on the mess over there. Vaibhav is happy and they both mock Manav. Manav calls Yadhu and apologizes him. He says that he can’t be present when he meets with Akanksha. Yadhu doesn’t react much and cuts the calk. Manav leaves for the acting.

Akanksha comes go meet Yadhu and knocks on his door. Yadhu opens the door and asks her to wait as he won’t meet strangers without his father’s presence and locks the door. Akanksha praises the lavish life style of Manav but says that it would soon be gone. Akanksha waits for Manav when servant greeted her. He says asks for her help to settle down their pending salary which has to be paid by Kapoor constructions. Akanksha thinks of a plan and gives him her business card. In return she asks for their loyalty towards her. Akanksha calls Manav but he cuts the call due to investors meeting.

Akanksha gets frustrated and asks Yadhu to open the door but he doesn’t budge. Akanksha again calls Manav and Manav gets embarrassed. He sends a text to Akanksha that he’s busy with meeting and cuts the call. Akanksha says Yadhu that she will leave but before leaving throws her photos with Yadhu inside the room. Yadhu sees the photo and recalls his happy time with her. He soon recalls her betrayal and says that he hate her.

Akanksha barges in the investors meeting and put on an emotional act of being deprived as a mother. Investors gets irritated and left the meeting not interested with the deal. Manav tries convincing them but in vain. Holkar gets frustrated. Neha makes Vaibhav hear about all the investors leaving and mocks Manav. He praises Akanksha’s drama and laughs over Manav’s condition. Yadhu tears ally the photos and throws it in dustbin. He lights the dustbin and the whole room fills with smoke.

Precap : Yadhu will get stuck in smoke and will get locked inside. Servants will pass the message to Manav and he will rush to save Yadhu.

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