Kaamnaa 14th March 2022 Written Update: Vaibhav takes steps to save Akanksha.


Kaamnaa 14th March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts Vaibhav asking Rane to not let Police know Akanksha’s phone number. He asks them to trace her before Police could. Inspector asks for Akanksha’s phone number but Vaibhav lies that she left her phone at home. Manav is trying to call Yadhu’s phone. They gets a news about a big accident taking place in the nearby highway. Manav got devastated hearing it. He rushes with Police. He calls Sakshi and says the same to her. She also gets scared. They reach the place and Manav was scared seeing the dead bodies. He gets even more shocked when they say that one of the two passenger is a kid. Vaibhav checks the car number and asks Manav to relax as its not his car. Manav breaks down and Sakshi consoles him. Akanksha is with Yadhu who happily says that she won’t be a loser anymore and blames Manav for his stammering problem. She says that she would make him successful just like her. Inspector traces Yadhu’s phone and says Manav about the same.

They starts leaving the place. Manav blames himself for not being a good father who couldn’t protect his son. Sakshi asks him not to blame himself. Vaibhav calls higher official and asks Yadhu’s case team to slow down the investigation as its just a family issue. He’s happy that he can able to save Akanksha. Manav and the team is searching the place and they spot Yadhu’s phone in a jungle. They wonder where Akanksha took Yadhu. Akanksha on the other hand is showing Yadhu’s childhood pictures to him and proudly rants about how she always kept him in the top with her training. She keeps belittling Manav when Yadhu says that his father is his hero. Akanksha gets angry hearing it.

Vaibhav says Rane that they need to get away from the investigation so that they can find Akanksha. Vaibhav gets an idea and takes medicine bottle. He misbehaves with a constable asking him to get him water. Inspector scolds him saying that they are not his servant and warns him. Vaibhav makes excuse that he’s tensed and that’s why he misbehaved. Inspector asks him to go home and Vaibhav takes the chance to leave. Akanksha gifts new latest model smart phone to Yadhu but he throws it away. He says he wants to go home but Akanksha says he will but not before he spends time with her and gets angry at him. Akanksha calms herself and says Yadhu they would click a selfie. She changes his dress and again belittles Manav. She says she’ll change his future and will send him to best collages. She tries clicking the selfie but gets upset seeing his sad face.

Precap : Akanksha will ask Yadhu what’s his problem. Yadhu will spot Manav and Manav will silently take him away without Akanksha’s knowledge.

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