Kaamnaa 16th march 2022 Written Update: Yadhu’s condition worsens.


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The episode starts with Manav saving Akanksha from fire and bringing her iin his arms. Vaibhav watches angrily as Manav hands over unconscious Akanksha to Vaibhav. Akanksha gets conscious and Yadhu hugs Manav. Akanksha’s friend taunts Akanksha that it’s Manav who saved her. Akanksha asks whether he wants to put her down by becoming great. Her friend is outraged at her response and feels ashamed of her. Vaibhav tries to move but Inspector stops him saying that he need to arrest Akanksha. Vaibhav says that when case is not filed he can’t arrest her.

Inspector says that they have filed abduction case against her as she forcefully took Yadhu from school. Sakshi says Manav that Yadhu already faced humiliation due to Akanksha by his classmates and she don’t want him to get hurt again. Manav listens to her and pleads Inspector to not file any complaint against Akanksha. Inspector agrees and they leave. Vaibhav pushes Akanksha on couch and scolds her for her stupidity. Akanksha asks what did he do as she’s safe because of Manav and not him. Vaibhav asks if she started feeling for her husband and asks her to return if she wants. They both fight and Vaibhav asks her to leave if she wants. Akanksha goes angrily.

Manav puts Yadhu on bed and asks if there’s any injury. Sakshi says there’s no physical injury but not sure about mental one. She asks if he is fine and he says yes. Manav thanks her for holding Yadhu and saving him. Sakshi says that Yadhu is strong himself and would be saved anyhow. Manav asks if she found the house for her. Sakshi says she already found one and will move in this week. Manav asks her to rest and she leaves. Sakshi’s mother in law is terrified with Akanksha’s act and asks about Yadhu. Sakshi says he’s fine physically but not sure about his mental condition. Servant brings water for Akanksha but Akanksha asks her to leave.

Another servant asks what happened and the maid says that she’s venting out her anger on her as Vaibhav scolded her. She says that she thinks her expiry date is near like the other ones. The servant says he doesn’t think so as she’s there alone for days. Maid says her end is near. Akanksha hears it all and looks angrily at them. They leave from there. Akanksha looks at the ring and is scared whether their words would come true. Sakshi helps Manav in applying cream on his wounds. She says that Yadhu told that he stopped mingling with his friends and also Akanksha’s family. She asks him to not separate himself from others. Manav asks about Parth and Sakshi doesn’t answer. She comes out.

Sakshi’s mother in law taunts her for her services android asks about her interview. She says about finding about Yadhu’s situation when she was in interview and so she left it. Her mother in law is disappointed as she again mentions Yadhu as Parth. Yadhu gets panick attack again and goes and lies on sofa. Manav finds him missing and leaves to check on him. He finds Yadhu wetting his pants and gets worried. Sakshi says Manav that apart from stammering Yadhu developed another disorder which is wetting his pants due to fear. She advises that he needs to be treated for it. Vaibhav is drinking recalling Manav’s action. Akanksha throws the ring in front of him and says that she wants to leave the house. Vaibhav doesn’t say anything upsetting her. She starts leaving.

Precap : Sakshi will say Manav that she is shifting today. Manav will apologise Sakshi for his words last night. Sakshi will say that her mother in law is not comfortable staying here. She will say that she won’t leave without informing Yadhu as he can’t tolerate another person leaving when he’s asleep.

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