Kaamnaa 17th February 2022 Written Update: Vaibhav’s assurance to Akanksha


Kaamnaa 17th February 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Manav reading Yadhu’s essay which states that his father is a liar who lies about his happiness. It read that that he lies that he don’t remember about mother but he knows he remembers her. It read that he lies that his mother will return but he knows she won’t. Manav understands the reason behind Yadhu’s behaviour. He continued reading that his father always wants him happy and he wants his happiness. It read that he loved him.

Manav hugs him crying. They both share their pain. He confesses that he wants to go to boarding school and Manav says he will die without him. Yadhu says that he will become big and will come back to him. Manav doesn’t agree and cries. Yadhu says that he’s his hero and shouldn’t cry. Manav agrees to be his strength and not weakness. They both promise each other to be together always. Manav says the house is no more a home but laugher club. Manav and Yadhu spend time together happily.

Akanksha comes to Yadhu’s school with Vaibhav. Vaibhav says the teacher that he came to take his son. Akanksha says that they are going to take him out taking leave. Yadhu holds his teacher. Teacher says she can’t let that happen as its against school rules. Vaibhav threatens her with his position and they take Yadhu away but it turns out to be Manav’s dream. He worries for Yadhu. Sakshi is speaking with her mother. She gets a call from Manav and says about Yadhu and his parents to her mother. She attends the call and Manav asks about the response for his request.

Sakshi asks him to come to video call and Manav does. She puts Akanksha on conference and asks them to sort the issues together. She says about Manav’s request to Akanksha and Akanksha claims that she’s his mother. Manav taunts him. Vaibhav intervenes wishes for Valentines but Manav taunts him too. Sakshi asks him to stay away and Vaibhav says proud about himself. Sakshi doesn’t waver and Akanksha suggests to put Yadhu on video call as she believes Manav brainwashed him against her.

Both Manav and Akanksha agreed to meet in school and resolve the issues. Akanksha wants to speak with Yadhu but Manav says that all the struggle is to keep her away from him and refuses to put him ob call and cuts the call. Vaibhav says Akanksha that she’s had lots of patience to tolerate him for 8 “years. He suggests to go to school with her but Akanksha asks him not to as she believes Manav would make an issue out of it. Vaibhav says he just wants to be her support but Akanksha assures that she will handle.

Sakshi’s mother asks her not to involve in other’s personal issues as she herself faced a lot and is just living peacefully. Sakshi assures that she will take care care. Vaibhav gets on his knees with a ring and Akanksha thinks that he’s proposing her for marriage. Vaibhav gets alerted and says dialogue and poems to divert her from it. He makes her wear it and Akanksha hugs him. He says that he will make sure that she gets another best gift which is her son and Akanksha gets extremely happy.

Precap : Akanksha will visit Yadhu but Yadhu will run away from her. Akanksha will fight with Manav and will break his phone by mistake. She will give money for it insulting him but Manav will throw it on her face. Sakshi will witness it.

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