Kaamnaa 18th July 2022 Written Update: Yadhu’s behaviour confuses Manav and Sakshi.


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The episode starts with Nurse asking Manav whether he’s immediately family of Akanksha. Manav says yes. Nurse asks him to give the purse to Akanksha. Yadhu says he will give it and takes it with him. Manav, Sakshi and Yadhu comes home and Malti welcomes them with aarti. She’s glad that they were out of trouble. Yadhu doesn’t speak with anyone while Manav tried cheering up Yadhu. Yadhu just goes to his room.

Swati serves food to Akanksha and Akanksha pretends like she couldn’t eat. She asks Swati if she forgave her and Swati says she did as she’s no more the old Akanksha. She gets Manav’s call who asks why did she leave without saying anything. He asks if she’s angry with him over something. Swati immediately refuses and makes some excuse. Akanksha says Swati that she brought the purse to give to Manav and asks him to have it. Manav hears it and cuts the call.

Manav is about to keep the purse in cupboard when the items in the purse falls down. It’s Manav’s old family pictures. Yadhu sees it and takes away one picture with him. Manav keeps the rest back in purse and keeps it in cupboard. Sakshi says Manav that she feels Yadhu is behaving weird may be due to the trauma of experiencing back to back shocking incidents from Akanksha’s accident. They both wonder how to bring him back to normal and decides to try music therapy.

 Yadhu is in his room worried about Akanksha. He’s scarves that she would die and wonders how to save her. He decides to inform Manav but recalls his promise to Swati and feels helpless. He thinks of asking help from Niharika but recalls Holkar saying that Niharika is in pain from the time Vaibhav left. He couldn’t get himself to disturb her. He searches in Web about stomach cancer

Akanksha is sleeping beside Swati when Yadhu calls Swati. Akanksha gets alerted as she hears Yadhu asking about her health and asks if she vomited. Akanksha thinks she could win Yadhu using sympathy. Akanksha immediately runs to washroom pretending to vomit. Yadhu gets more scared. Manav and Sakshi tried music therapy with Manav playing violin and singing but in vain.

 They asks Yadhu what’s the problem but he doesn’t answer. Everyone sit in dining table when Sakshi told that they are throwing engagement party the next day. Yadhu thinks he can’t enjoy wedding at this time and tries to postpone it. When Manav asks the reason he behaves rude with him. Manav looks at sleeping Yadhu and wonders the reason for his changed behaviour.

Precap Yadhu will have a nightmare of Akanksha dying and Manav will rush to his room.

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