Kaamnaa 18th November 2021 Written Update: Yadharth sad for getting separated from his friend


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The episode starts with Akanksha wondering why they have to face all the issues despite being righteous. Yadharth is sad for getting separated from Vinay. Teacher gives gift to Yadharth for topping the tests but Yadharth is not happy. When teacher asks the reason for it Yadharth says about getting separated from Vinay. She asks him to cheer up. Akanksha finds Yadharth sad and asks if he didn’t perform well in tests. He shows her the gift and Akanksha gets happy getting over her depressed mood. She asks Why’s he still upset. Akanksha speaks with Amita Who’s about to leave with her things. Amita asks her to understand and Akanksha nods. Yadharth gives a sad goodbye note for Vinay and Vinay leaves with his mother.

Akanksha and Manav are arguing over the mobile Akanksha bought by borrowing money from Mrs. Manchanda. Akanksha asks Why’s it that he always faces trouble despite being righteous while the corrupt people sleep peacefully. Manav says that the corrupt people will cry too and asks her to witness it. They kept arguing when Yadharth comes out. Manav asks why he’s upset when Akanksha says about Amita. Yadharth fears that they would also get separated like Vinay’s parents as they keep fighting. Vaibhav is hosting an event where he sponsors 10 kids for their study in abroad on the death anniversary of his late wife Mrs. Niharika Kapoor. A reporter provokes Vaibhav by saying that he’s enjoying the wealth of Niharika and pinpoints about their fight in public place. Vaibhav tries to maintain his cool and says that fights happens between every couple. The reporter provokes him more by saying that but none’s sister in law files case against them. Vaibhav answers it too with some excuse and pleads everyone for two minutes silence for Niharika. They all raise up and Vaibhav looks at his secretary pissed.

At night, Manav and Akanksha tries convincing their son that they won’t get separated but Yadharth is not convinced. Later, Manav and Akanksha arrange for surprise pizza party at terrace to cheer up. Yadharth gets happy and they spend some quality time. They asks him to look through telescope and pray seeing a shooting star. Yadhu spots a shooting star and prats for his family to stay united forever. They’ve a group hug. Manav says Akanksha that kids notice even the smallest things which they fail to notice just like Yadharth did by thinking about divorce due to fight. They both promise each other to resolve their differences immediately without stretching it like Vinay’s parents did.

Mr. Bansal asks Manav if he decide something about his suspension. Manav asks him to get appointment for him to make with commissioner. Mr. Bansal says that it’s not needed as he got permission for him. Manav gets shocked and asks what does he asks for in return. He gives him the promotion letter saying that he favoured him by getting it. He reads it and gets shocked knowing that the promotion is for Indore. He asks how could he do it but Mr
Bansal says that he has only two options which is to stay there and face suspension or get promoted in Indore. He asks him to leave the next day itself as the post has been vacant for long time. Manav says he would consult with his wife and will say to him. Mr. Bansal leaves.

Precap : Manav and Akanksha gets romantic. Akanksha bumps with Vaibhav again.