Kaamnaa 19th November 2021 Written Update: Akanksha is upset about leaving to Indore.


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The episode starts with Akanksha happy upon knowing about Manav’s promotion. Manav says that the hike is 25k and Akanksha gets extremely happy. She starts planning things when Manav asks her not to get over excited. He asks her to check the condition. She learns that the promotion is at Indore and gets angry. Yadhu gets happy as now he can be with his friend Vinay but Akanksha is not happy. She asks him to not accept the promotion and leaves. She recalls fighting with her parents. Manav asks what’s the issue as her family and friends reside there. Akanksha makes it clear that they are not going to Indore. Manav agrees to her demand. Vaibhav throws a party for his new project in Indore and for the land pooja the next day. Vaibhav’s secretary asks Rane the details about Vaibhav’s family to send them invitation for which Rane says that he don’t have one. Manav and Akanksha’s friends Ansh and Riya visits them to celebrate Manav’s promotion. Akanksha gets irked that Manav is ready to move already but Manav says otherwise.

Vinay gets excited upon knowing that Yadhu is also coming to Indore. Ansh asks Manav why he didn’t plan for another child for which Manav says he’s still not sure about the promotion as he has to go to Indore. Ansh asks if he’s mad as its such an amazing place to stay. Yadhu says he already told Vinay that he’s coming to Indore and they are definitely going. Akanksha is still upset. Manav asks Ansh to play the guitar and he takes it. He asks which song for which Vinay asks him to play the one he heard while seeing Akanksha for the first time. He starts playing and Manav dances with Akanksha. Riya wonders to Ansh about how Manav and Akanksha are still together as Akanksha had different taste in men. Ansh asks her to not say so as he’s well aware that she had crush on Manav. Riya says it’s not that and says that she knew Akanksha from childhood and her ideal type is rich and handsome. Akanksha comes there and says that she herself doesn’t know it.

Manav is lost in Akanksha’s thoughts when Rane comes there. He says about the pooja the next day and Manav dictates him about what to do. Akanksha finds Manav busy and asks what’s it. Manav says that he’s breaking fixed deposit for paying her 90000 as they are moving to Indore. Akanksha feels bad that Manav has to sacrifice his savings for her but Manav cheers her up. They recall the time when Akanksha came to him running away from her wedding and proposing to him. Manav accepted her proposal.

Manav promises Akanksha to keep her happy forever. He says he won’t accept the promotion and is sure he won’t get suspended. Akanksha worries about Yadhu who’s excited to meet Vinay. Manav says that he planned for it too and says they would enrol Yadhu in a weekend judo class in Indore and he can meet Yadhu. Akanksha agrees to leave for Indore making Manav happy. They pack their things while Mrs Manchanda wonders whether Akanksha will return the money. Manav gives the money to Akanksha to return for the mobile and gets promise from her to not repeat it. The three leave Bhopal and Manav boasts about his new car. Press covers Kapoor’s land pooja and interviews him. Manav’s family gets stuck in the traffic due to pooja.

Precap : Manav and Vaibhav face off for an official issue. Akanksha gets upset upon knowing that they were not allocated bungalow but a small chawl.

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