Kaamnaa 1st July 2022 Written Update: Niharika makes Manav realise his love.


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The episode starts with Akanksha challenging Sakshi that she would again become Manav’s wife and Yadhu’s mother. She says that she won’t let them do the same mistake ever again. She calls Yadhu when Swati comes there. Akanksha pretends like crying and pleading to Sakshi. Sakshi asks whether she didn’t think about Yadhu and Manav when she had affair with Vaibhav. Swati calls Sakshi in but she leaves saying Malti is waiting.

Yadhu asks Swati to come and meet him if she wants as he don’t want to meet unwanted people. Swati calls Manav and tells about Yadhu visiting Akanksha. She says that he needs to understand that he is a good father but he can’t take the place of a mother. Manav agrees and cuts the call. He sees Yadhu with Sakshi on door and opens his arms to him but Yadhu ignores him and leaves. Sakshi asks Manav to give some to Yadhu.

Akanksha cries and says to Swati that Manav still loves her and Yadhu also needs her. She asks her to request Manav to give her a second chance. Swati refuses but Akanksha pleads her. Manav finally spots the gift by Yadhu which is a selfie of him and Yadhu with Sakshi and framed as my family. He recalls all the times when Yadhu expressed his wish to have Sakshi as his mother.

Niharika calls Manav enquiring about Yadhu and Manav says he’s back home but is still angry at him. Niharika asks him not to worry as he would be fine soon and asks whether she should come there. Manav refuses saying that he himself is coming there as he needs to discuss something important with her. Niharika agrees and cuts the call while Holkar taunts Niharika. Manav comes to Yadhu and tries initiating a concentration but Yadhu ignores him.

Niharika hears door bell and acts excited in front of Vaibhav that Manav is here. She rushes to open the door. Holkar watches it smiling while Vaibhav fumes. Manav comes there and greets Holkar. Niharika suggests Manav to go to room and speak in private. Manav agrees and goes in with Niharika.

Vaibhav asks Holkar what type of father is he that he’s letting her daughter stay with another man in room in front of her husband. Holkar thanks him for reminding that they are still married and decides to do something about it. Vaibhav gets frustrated. Manav shares with Niharika about his problem and Niharika asks why don’t he think about marrying Sakshi. Manav gets outraged and says they are just friends.

 Niharika calls him to play a rapid fire and Manav agrees. He closes his eyes and Niharika asks who’s Sakshi to him. He answers friend. She asks whether he’s keeping Sakshi in his home because of Yadhu. Manav immediately denies and says he wants her presence too. She asks what would be his life without Sakshi. Manav answers incomplete. Niharika laughs at his answer.

Manav is astounded and says Niharika it’s not true but Niharika asks him to listen to his heart. Manav is not sure about Sakshi’s feelings and Niharika says he can find it out only when he propose her. She asks her to go ahead with his pursue. Manav leaves with a confused mind. Sakshi sings for Yadhu to cool him down and Manav watches them admiring. He joins them and he sings too. They together console Yadhu.

Manav says to Yadhu in secret that he’s ready for second marriage and Yadhu gets happy. Sakshi gets surprised seeing them. Malti joins them and Yadhu asks Sakshi to click a selfie. They all pose for a selfie. Swati comes there. Sakshi asks what’s the secret between them but Manav says she will know it soon.

Precap : Yadhu will say Sakshi that Manav agreed for second marriage. Swati will say Manav that a mother is needed in Yadhu’s life and Manav will agree with her. Swati will misunderstand that Manav is ready to give a second chance to Akanksha.

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